Sunday, April 20, 2014

Church Summer Camp

Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” 2 Timothy: 2:3

This April 16-18 (that's 2 days and 2 nights), we'd had a church summer camp in our church, Messiah Baptist Church, to be separate from the world and strengthen our faith in Chris Jesus. Well, as you all know, and to others who doesn't know yet, I am a protestant, a bible-believing, independent Baptist. I wasn't born a baptist, I was baptized on a catholic church as a baby (which of course, I had no choice and participation in the decision of me joining that church) but I thank God, my parents came to know the truth about the Lord when I was about 4 or 5 years old, and from then on til now that we are seven in the family ( I now have 4 other siblings) praise God, we are still continuing in faith.

Yes, that's right. We have camps and fellowships (activities that strengthens our faith) not like the other religions with people who just go to their church for show and are hypocrites, in reality.We came to camp not to have luxury but to know more about the Lord, and know how to be a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
Now, here's the fun part. We get to sleep in a tent like these:

Girl's Tents

Boy's Tents

There weren't a lot of mosquitos because we brought bygon and mosquito nets. I had a good sleep in all fairness.

And we had lessons from the 3 different pastors. Their messages are all convicting and bliss to the soul. Their messages gave us more encouragement to face all the trials and hardships in this battlefield we are on right now til we meet the Lord in the clouds.

Pastor Gary Santa

We also had camp fires as well, singing praises to the Lord and preaching in the night.

Pastor Rick Nolasco (Yep, that's my dad)

Pastor Eddie Guillermo rendering us a song with his accordion.

We had our enemy Goliath to beat, the men tried to shoot him with a Benjamite slingshot but they really can't hit the head like what King David did (but at least they tried.) I even tried but hit myself instead.

Pastor Gary (David) shooting Goliath

Oops why are the kids with Goliath?!

Of course we also had to eat. We ate whatever God had set and prepared for us in a long table and we we're all full and satisfied. (Lots of Filipino Food) Yes, we had Halo-halo but I miss the roasted marshmallows.
First day camp dinner

We also did a treasure hunt. We dug a hidden treasure four feet deep and enjoyed the treasure that was in it (and shared) because what we got was a big box of chocolate and candies.

Look for the clues!!

Weee give us candies!!

Okay and I don't have pics because I was the photographer. But wait I might have.

Me with the kids (and my brothers Metias and Miel, my sisters Mannah and Murella) 

It was a fun camp. And I've learned a lot. I've learned how to be a good soldier in Christ, to not be discouraged and and to learn how to fight the good fight of faith.

So now I can now say, I am faithful, reliable, capable and dependable. If my God needs me, I am there! I am a soldier! I am not a baby! I do not need to be pampered, petted, primed up, pumped up, picked up or pepped up! I am a soldier! No one has to call me, remind me, write me, visit me, entice me, or lure me!
I am a solider! I am not a wimp! No one has to send me flowers, gifts, food, cards, candy or give me hand-outs! I do not need to be coddled, cuddled, cradled, cared for or catered to!I’m committed! I cannot have my feelings hurt bad enough to turn me around! I cannot be discouraged enough to turn me aside!

I cannot lose enough to cause me to quit! I am more than a conqueror! I will always triumph! I can do all things through Christ! Devils cannot defeat me! People cannot disillusion me! Weather cannot weary me! Sickness cannot stop me! Battles cannot beat me! Money cannot buy me!

Governments cannot silence me and HELL CANNOT HANDLE ME! I am a soldier! Even death cannot destroy me! I am a soldier in the army, and I'm marching, claiming victory! I will not give up! I will not turn around! I am a soldier, marching Heaven bound. 

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