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Siblings (Life of A Blogger #4)

Life of A Blogger: Siblings

Last week's topic: 101 things I hate

Lol. We'll I kind of am a late poster of stuff because I am well known procrastinator but yeah, better late than never!

So, I'm going to talk about my siblings today. My siblings? I have siblings? Right, of course, I do! You know what's the thing about siblings? Is that they make you the maddest person in the planet because of what they do, but tomorrow it's like “what happened yesterday? I don't remember” and poof you're back at being brothers and sisters. Since I'm the oldest kid in the family, I get to introduce these Nolasco kids. I'm the one in the circle. (And we we're camping that time)

Matthew (16 years old) *square*
I like to call him “Metias”! Lol because June's brother in Legend. (I'm the one who makes nicknames for everyone in the family!) Though he's not really like Metias because they don't have the same personality. This boy is just so impossible at times I cannot bear him! He's too different to be my brother, I think sometimes. He get's into my nerves in a jiffy. Ugh. You know the things I hate about him? HE DOES NOT READ BOOKS. HE SAYS HE'D RATHER WATCH THE MOVIE RATHER THAN READ THE BOOK. That makes us fight and quarell all the time. I don't know why he can't really get into reading (perhaps because he's not my brother at all). And no matter how I talk him into reading he really doesn't have the heart to read. I don't know he may have issues with the words and stuff. But he reads Graphic novels and Mangas, I give him credit on that but still. He's also “THE DESTROYER” in the family like everything he touches get's ruined!! No matter how I keep my stuff away from him, he manages to steals them (he just use my stuff without permission which makes my blood boil). He gets my pens, my earphones, my charger, my books, my fandom stuff, everything! Uggghh. But no matter how impossible this kid is, he has uses too. Lol. He's the most helfpul and the one my parents can command anytime. He does the household chores not me. Joke! Haha. Anyway he's a special math class student in High School and now he will be taking up Accountancy.

Murella (10 years old) *hexagon*
I call her “Merl”. She's on the 5th grade now. My parents always call her the slowest of all of us. (But I don't think so) she might not be good in Academics but she has certain talents you can see in her. I see that she can be creative when she wants to. She is very (as in very) friendly. All little kids love her a lot! She's industrious, she helps Mom when I can't. She's the one that I can ask to do something. Like get or buy me stuff. She's the one that can help me the most. She's sweet and no matter what others say about her, I will not incline to it. I know her that most people do. And the thing I love the most about her even if I can see she has some trouble in reading (some kind of acute dyslexia or something) she's the one who shows interest into reading and books. Hopefully someday, she can also be a booknerd.

Mannah Bdellah (7 years old) *pentagon*
We call her “Bie”. And all people likes her. She's the beautiful, pretty little kiddo in the family. She's the princess. She's my dad's favorite, no contest. (She's all our favorite) She's the smartest (next to me of course lol). She has honors and academic awards in school. A lot of little boys also adores her! Because she's the sweetest. She's has inherited some of my shyness. Also my silence. She doesn't talk so much when she's not comfortable with you (just like I do). She wants to be a doctor or a nurse. But my Dad always insists she will join Bb. Pilipinas someday. Haha. I think when she'll be a teen, a lot of boys will be courting her. (But first they have to go through all of us in the family before they get to her). She will be a boy-magnet, that much I'm sure. I was the one who taught her how to read. (And I'm so proud of that) And I'm teaching her how to get into reading as well. She also shows interest in reading because when I'm reading she gets the book from me and she says “Can I read this too?” and of course I say yes. Someday I'd like to see her as a booknerd and a bookblogger as well. (I'll teach her how to). She'll be a 2nd grader this year and is in a special science class.

Miel Rico (4 years old) *diamond*
I call him “Babs”. Short for baby. He's the youngest of us siblings. And he's Simon Lewis! He's a vampire! Lol because he has lost all his front teeth because of sweets and candies and all that's left are his canines! Hahaha. He'd be going to pre-school this year. He's a playful kid. Plays all day and all night and never gets tired! Mom spoils him. We spoil him cause he's the youngest. I kiss him a lot like there's never a day that I don't kiss him lol. But he doesn't like me always making faces at me and frowns at me. Most of time he messes with me and pulls on my hair, scratches my face and everything. But love this kid still.

There! I'm done! Have you noticed? Yep, all our names starts with M! Hmmmmnn. I wonder what you think of my siblings. ^^

L-R Me, Mannah, Miel, Murella


  1. Wow you have a big family. And can I say that they are all cute in their different ways. Heh. Well, I have siblings too but they are all boys!!! Murella is pretty <3 ahhh and Miel too (cute). Okay goodluck with your brother Matthew who is taking up Accountancy. I envy him bec he has you who can teach him when the lessons are hard.

    1. Lol Yes we do!! Rarely is the house quiet. (only if I'm home alone that is) Must be hard to be the only girl in the family, or must be good because they treat you like their princess! :D Even if Mat is taking up accountancy too I wont help him, he should learn to be independent! Hahaha


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