Review Policy


I accept book review requests from local and international publishers, diverse authors, and book bloggers. Just send an email to rabidfairy08 at gmail dot com with the subject: book review request. Or send physical copies to my mailing address below.

Mailing address:
Mighta Zerie Nolasco
13 Callejon St., Vacunero,
Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur
Philippines 2729

I accept the ff. formats and genres:
·       Physical Copy (Priority)
·       ARC (Advance Readers Copy)
·       DRC/e-ARC (Digital Review Copy)
·       Kindle copy

·       Young Adult
Subgenres: Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary
·       Middle Grade
Subgenres: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor
·       Graphic Novels
Note: I’m sorry but I don’t accept NA or New Adult, Romance and Adult books for the matter.

Content of my review would be:

·       Ratings
·       Author/Publisher acknowledgement
·       Synopsis
·       Plot analysis
·       Character analysis
·       Promotion
·       Additional side comments

Note to authors and publishers: I can promise you an honest and timely review as per schedule and date set by the publisher or if there’s no time set I will post my review prior to the release date of the book, 1-2 weeks prior release date tops. I make my own book reviews, all words and thoughts would be solely my own. I give a rating as what the book truly deserves.

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