Saturday, August 15, 2015



            Book bloggers are fond of book chats on Twitter where they can meet new reader and blogger friends, and interact with them about the books that they are reading, as well as their personal interests and book blogs.

            What is #RBFYAChat? It stands for Reader, Blogger/Booktuber, Fangirl/Fanboy Young Adult Chat. All readers of all kinds have the freedom to join so long as they have their own twitter accounts.
There had been a lot of book chats on Twitter like #RQWN, #WeekendYAParty and #FAC16 etc. They are all hosted by awesome book bloggers that wants to join the book community for once a week.

            So I here, on the other had come up with #RBFYAChat where all kinds of readers, be it book bloggers, booktubers, or just readers who doesn’t have blogs can easily participate. Every chat I threw in about 10 or more bookish questions to be answered by the chatters. The first book chat started of by late June this year and I’m very proud to say that our first #RBFYAChat had been the longest book chat that ever run on twitter and that is about 22 hours. It happens every Saturday or two depending on my schedule, usually 8-10 PM Philippine Standard Time.

            For every chat we have prizes to the most active chatter. It could be an advance copy or a physical book or a bookmark bundle. It’s very fun hosting a book chat on Twitter and you, my lovely blog reader are very welcomed to join as well. If you have questions you can tweet me directly on twitter @MightaZerie and I will get back to you the very soonest. Also, #RBFYAChat has about an average of hundred chatters or so and you’d make good friends!

            Have you once joined my book chat? Do you have suggestions about the chat? Do you want to be my co-host? (Email me.) Do you know any other book chats and who hosts them? If you do, comment them below.

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  1. I love book chats! This is an awesome one! I always look forward for it. Book chats are the best way to meet new people. :D Thank you for making this little space for us.


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