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·       5/5 STARS – Absolutely, certifiably amazing. Mind-blowing. I have no words for this book. Only feelings. This book is so overwhelming. It’s my new favorite. I will not stop raving about this book in social media. I will not stop recommending this book to people. I would giveaway this book. I would do selfies with this book. I love it so so much my heart hurt when I read it. I need to make a fanart of it. I need the sequel asap. Can I just steal it from brain of the author?

·       4/5 STARS –This book is really really good. I loved it. I have to tweet the author about it. I need people to talk to about this. Who might have read it as well? I learned a lot of life lessons. People will need to read this eventually, it’s amazing.

·       3/5 STARS – Good. Very nice. I was entertained. I barely read it but cool stuff right there.

·       2/5 STARS – Draggy. Ughhhh. I can’t read this anymore. Help! This book is causing me book slump. Noooooooo. Should I read it still or I shouldn’t? Can I still continue?! I don’t like this. It feels like I’m not interested. I’m going to DNF it for sure. I’m sorry.

·       1/5 stars – I’m sorry. I didn’t exist to read this. It feels like it’s wasting my time. I have to let it go.

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