Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #8

Top Ten Books in Beach Bag

I think this might be the last TTT that I'll be doing because school starts next week. (But I hope I still can cope up with you guys) Actually summer season had already passed here in the Philippines. It's the rainy season now. It'll be raining and there'll be storms and typhoons soon. But let's just put it this way-I'll just imagine it's still summer here and I'd go to the beach and relax or lighten up with my beach bag with some books in it. Here are the books I'd want in my beach bag!

1. What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Do you see where they're at? At the beach! So far I've read one book by Huntley and it's My Life Next Door. I loved Jase so much. He's so cute. And I really love Huntley's writing style, it's light and sweet, innocent and nice. And it's very relatable, all the quotes and the convos are very heartfelt and heartwarming. I have the book already but it's still on my bookshelf.

2. We We're Liars by E. Lockhart
Got really intrigued by this book because John Green actually recommended it. Even read Tahereh Mafi tweeted about it excitedly. So yeah, that's the reason I've grabbed this book. (And stuff it on my beach bag maybe)

3. Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor
I first saw the book in the bookstore. I read the overview and it's about friendship and dealing with sickness. Like TFIOS. So I bought it. And of course you could see the girls facing the sea. So it's seems fitting to include the book on my beach bag, right?

4. Broken Hearts and Fences to Mend by Kate Finn
I participated with Fierce Reads Tour chat and I got to chat with the authors. Kate is one of the authors who chatted. Amazing how I got like 4 tweets from her. After the chat I immediately decided she's very nice and I'd love to give it a shot in reading her book.

5. Lola and The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
I haven't read any of Steph's books although sure I've heard a lot of reactions about her books and all I've been
hearing is good stuff and french boys. I've watch The Beach film by Leo DiCaprio and there's a french guy named Etienne there. I'm thinking the character in the book would be like him. And I know that French girls are the masters of seduction—I wonder if guys too. Haha. Soon, I'll read it soon.

6. This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer Smith
Jen's books are like the most romantic books in YA contemporary. All the elements of romance and teen love is in all of her books. I've read this but If I'm going to the beach I want to bring this with me so I can reread it. A lot of sweet moments of Graham and Ellie happened in the beach. I want to relieve those moments. And I want a Graham for myself.

7. Open Road Summer by Amy Sparling
I just downloaded a sample of the book on kindle. I haven't started reading it yet but the cover looks so good I really want to crack this open already. And yeah maybe at the beach I could.

8. The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes
I've heard a lot of bloggers liking this book and I'm also skimming their reviews. I don't know but I don't question bloggers. I trust their reviews. Just by looking at the cover I think it'll be a good contemporary read and perfect for the beach.

9. Summer on the Short Bus by Bethan Crandell
Been wanting to read this since forever because A.G Howard said it's very good. A.G and Bethany are friends on twitter and are both nice and fab authors. So, yeah I just wanted to read this but I have no idea where I would buy a physical copy of it.

10. Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer Armentrout.
This isn't contemporary but a YA fantasy book. You know if you haven't read any of JLA's books, quit your life! Kidding. But seriously you NEED to read any of her books because you just need to. I don't like the cover because it's Zayn (I'm Team Roth) but it still looks so good! I like blue background. Reminds me of beaches and strolling at night in public fountains.

Have you noticed? (All the books have beaches in their covers, or you can feel the aura of the beach or the thought of beaches comes just by looking at them) That's all the books I could fit in my beach bag, tell me what are yours! Comment away and I'll check~


  1. I love the books you chose to put in your beach bag. I would pick almost all the same books!! :)

  2. A few of these are on my list, including The Art of Lainey and We Were Liars. I also want to read Say What You Will.

  3. I have one of Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor. Still need a time to finish it :)


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