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Alex London Book Signing Event 8/30/14

It's been 3 days since I met the bubbly and energetic and everything Author, Sir Alex London the author of 14 books (2 are young-adults, 12 are children's book or journalism related) including his 2 latest and the only young-adult books, Proxy and Guardian! This Duology falls in the genre of Dystopian, Thriller and a dash of romance! He will also be the author (his 15th books) of the upcoming 39 clues!!!!!!! And he said, form 2 weeks from now, he will be announcing if the movie adaptation for Proxy would happen or not (THINK POSITIVE!)

Rise and shine
Morning, my father woke me up he said: "hey book signing time!" and i was like rushed to the bathroom to bath and then get ready to attend my first ever Book signing event! After 2 hours of driving, we finally arrived at the books signing event! (9 am) though the mall (SM Aura) was still closed we waited at the basement parking. I also saw a line of people at the entrance! Waiting to meet this amazing Author!

the mall opened!
We took the elevator to go up to the venue of the signing, in front of national bookstore. When i stepped out of the elevator my eyes are partially swarm with people falling in line at the registration booths, which made my heart pound of course. i quickly got inside of national bookstore which i grabbed Proxy and Guardian in hardback, and at the very moment i fall in line at the registrations, waiting for me to register and to get my number for the signing. The time has come, eventually and i registered myself at the laptop (i was also surprised to see those laptops for registration not papers) Name... Email ad.... then the lady sitting there asked me how many books i got for this event, i said 2... She wrote 2 at the signing pass and gave it to me... i saw it and i am number 64!!!!! (How amusing, because this is only my first time!) Which delighted me of course!! it is 9:45 on my father's watch and the event will start at 2! i felt sad for a short periods of time because my Lord, registrations is at 9 in the morning and the event is at 2 in the afternoon! But hey, I'll meet him soon! Really soon!

hell yeah!

I searched for seats and unfortunately there is no more available! All of the seats are either, taken or reserved, God, they don't made seats dominant in the event, sadly i accepted that I'll be standing throughout the event :( i saw the stage though, and it was fantastic! Can’t wait to see sir Alex London seat at that fluffy sofa!

it's perf right?

Since the event will be at 2pm, me and my father roamed at the mall, and guards time after time will stop us from roaming, because the mall itself is still closed... only the attendees of the said event are the first ones to be in the mall and prioritized.

Endless waiting
we waited at Mary Grace's Cafe to have coffee (coffee is love okay? okay.) it's already 10:30 when we slid in our car to rest for about 30 minutes then we get back again to check the seats (I’m desperate!) guess what??? None. -.- the department store opened, and the mall is filled with people, time after time, one by one. We roamed at the whole mall and the department store (where my dad bought longsleeves). It’s 1pm!!!! We waited until 1:30 at the car, to get ready of course! Then it's 1:30 and we waited at the bono (italian Gelatto) infront of the venue of the signing. At 1:50 we get to our foot and got to the event. Standing. Patiently waiting. waiting. waiting. it's 2:30 and my arms are starting to Badly hurt (hardbacks are killer! but i love them)

Alex London
It’s 2:45 pm and the people started to cheer really loud! The host stood at the stage and gladly introduce the one and only Alex London!!!!!!! Cheers everywhere! And when I say cheers everywhere I say it is a 200-people-more-or-less-but-it-is-more-more-more kind of cheers! Yes it was a blast! Girls screaming raising they’re Team Knox and Team Liam banners! Sir Alex London sat down and told amazing stories, answering Questions from the crowd time after time! He told why he is known for different names, like Charles London (for his children books), he told us also that he wanted to copy (in a good way) the name style of the Goddess of writing, JK Rowling and skeptically made his name CA London! haha! But though the publisher wanted a unique one and suggested to have his display name, Alex Lonodon for his 2 young-adult books, which Alex happily agreed! He also told us about his marriage. He was lately married to his Boyfriend Tim (yes he is....) which he proved by raising his hand, and that hand consists a finger wherein there is a ring! how magical! he also told plenty of side stories about: the child he met at the orphanage, his interaction with the orphans (yes he likes getting cope up to the feelings of the orphans) or the children that encountered some traumatic experiences (Journalist at heart!) also he told us that Marie Lu proofread and gave suggestions for Alex's books hence one of the characters is named Marie and tons of more!! sorry for not elaborating much because promise me you will be tired reading the elaborations hence that i didn't specifically told the whole stories of the side stories, Alex told.  And also to add there is an interval of cheers or claps between stories or even words of Alex! We love him that much! He finally ended his interview with his insights to his filipino fans. He said that the fans are so loyal and amazing that each tweet Alex's tweets, nevertheless the time of the day or night, the first favorite or retweet is a filipino, which made the fans go awwwww and melted our hearts hihi! He ended with "You guys are.... Astonishing! Astonishing people!"

Finally the Signing
The event changed its setting, form 2 sofas firm at each other and a table in front featuring the books of the Author to a long black table with a sofa! The woman called numbers 1-20, they fall in line. The people form the vent handed sticky notes wherein you'll write your name and stick it to the page where you want Alex to sign. alsoooooo a group of fans handed Alex a shirt inspired by proxy and has dedications in grey marker, not to mentions that He wore it at that very moment!!!!!!! Same routine throughout the day, 1-20, 20-40, 40-60 then i waited, when the woman announced "60-80" i get to the line, got a sticky note for two books and patiently, nervously waited! Then the person in front of me got fast since she got only one book and it is my time! i stood in front of the table, inches away from Alex and i spoke, sweating my hands, this is  our convo
"hi JM, How are you?"
"I'm Fine! I wanna say sorry"
"becuase i haven't read these books yet because school is killing me!" oops
"ohhhh! yeah, school! hahaha!"
"i will be brave though"
"oh really?"
"yes because you said there is someone who is going to die" huhu
" oh, be brave! be brave!" dauntless? haha!
"you're welcome jm!"
all throughout our chitchat he wore his big smile.

Signing! Signing! Signing!
that Genuine smile!

Do i look Happy? yes yes i Do. I really do :)
(ignore that photobomber hihi)

We strode our way to the parking with myself startled, amazed and speechless. I’m really happy until now that I met him! She was so kind! really, i mean not kind but super kind, i tell you :) wait until you meet him in the future! hihi! Signing Hangover? Definitely! Will attend the next book signing featuring Jennifer Smith (this is what happy looks like and more) and Lissa Price (Starters duology) this September 20? OF COURSE! This signing habit is really good and addicting, yep like drugs :) even though i was really exhausted, my day was complete! Everything goes well really smooth and Flawless!
I finished though proxy last last night and it is so goooooddd! It is now my second favorite book of all time (the first is If i stay of course) !!!!! I love this duology so much as much as i love the author! I love them both it hurts! hihi!

Special Thanks to National Bookstore for having this Amazing Author invited in our country! You rock, national bookstore! You rock!

really clever! hihi!

yes, his hadwriting is so.... good!
i can die now lol
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