Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dealing with heartbreak: How to

   I never thought I could ever be heartbroken. (Really heartbroken. Not mentally, not fictionally heartbroken.) Funny metaphor right? That last word. “Heart-broken” like it implies that the heart is some kind of precious,expensive and fragile porcelain placed in the middle of our hollow chests, when in reality it's actually flesh pumping muscle that involuntary beats and does what it wants because we can't control it.

   Why do we have feelings? Sometimes they are just too illogical to even understand and feel. They can't explain any right thing at all. They have no right to control us like this and make us feel this way. Make us feel pathetic and desperate. “Her favorite feeling was the absence of feeling” should be it.

   Is it really God's plan to break couples who we thought are “a match-made-in-heaven”, “soul-mates”, “til-end-of-the-world-lovers”? I don't think so. He did not let two individuals meet and experience everything, and feel everything together just to hurt them in the end, just to break them in the end, just to keep them away from each other and forget and set aside everything that they felt and did and everything-. It's so cosmically wrong.

   Love conquers all right? But why does one lover have to give up? Why can't they just fight for the one they love until the end? Love is the only one worth fighting for in this pathetic, sad and tragic planet of ours, is it not? It doesn't make any sense. I don't understand. I can't understand why one has to give up something worth more than diamonds for just those simple irrelevant things? How could two just give up like that? Isn't love not enough?

   They say we mend each other. But how can they mend each other when they we're the one who broke each other? How can they mend each other if they're both broken? They can't.

   There's this post by an anon facebook friend (by Ian Kenneth Manding)

"One day, you'll realize that breaking up just because you don't "have time for each other" is the stupidest thing. More stupid than the Crocs you're wearing. More stupid than Rebecca Black's Friday.

You'll realize that your relationship could have been bigger than telling sweet nothings, holding hands and cuddling but you reduced it to those forms. 

You'll think of the nice things you would have done together given that one day you'll both settle down into one single roof. You could have been going on roadtrips together, kissing everytime you get the chance.

You'll think of the unborn babies whose laughter would have been music to you; whose kisses would have meant the world to you; whose smiles would have been the reason for your smiles, too.

And you'll regret it. You'll regret that you did not fight for your partner. You'll regret that you weren't strong enough - both of you weren't strong enough. You'll find yourself in the corner answering your own bitter 'what ifs.'"

   Regret's will surely come rushing to you as the surf rushes to the shore if you didn't do everything to fix what's broken. Even if it's beyond fixable, a little love and faith in God can do the trick to restore back together what's beautifully broken and make a better art out of it. Deal with those heartaches, and erase them with the love you have for each other. Please don't make yourself regret this, just think of those unborn babies.

   PS: Romeo and Juliet, please, please and please get back together.

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