Monday, September 14, 2015

Movie Review: The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner 2)

Movie Review
Title: The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner 2)
Starring: Dylan O’brien, Ki Hong Lee,
Thomas Sangster, Kaya Scodelario
Director: Wes Ball
Show date: September 9, 2015
Rating: 6/10

It was an impulse motive to go watch Scorch Trials last Saturday, been meaning to watch it but a friend ditched me on uni so I had to wait. I went to the bookstore first, and I met a friend there and we went together to watch. We didn’t make it to the start but we missed a few minutes because we were late.

I’ve read the book about 3 years ago and I must have forgotten so many things because I didn’t re-read it and I might have a few recollection of the things that had happened. All I know is that I don’t hate Teresa and I was never Team Brenda and Aris.

The first thing we’ve seen was the Gladers being chased by Cranks. No, shucks, klunks and slintheads (referring to people who haven’t read the book yet) those aren’t Zombies, they’re called Cranks, where the flare virus had gotten to their system and slowly ate away their brain and humanity. They move impossibly fast huh. I don’t remember that in the book, but anyway they’re real creepy your skin will crawl. Consider yourself warned.

The dessert was there yes, they’ve got to leave friends behind like Winston, Frypan etc. And for the readers that probably hurt. The scene where they met Brenda, and oh by the way, she’s not really good-looking here and I kind of doesn’t like the actress that played her. But I remember Jordan (feel free to correct me) I’m not sure if I got his name right but I’m pretty sure he isn’t Brenda’s father. They probably screwed that up. Yes, I still remember Tom kissing Brenda at the party and saying “You will never be her”. And in case you didn’t know Clary form the TMI TV series, Missandei from Game of Thrones and Petr Baelish are all in this movie. Strange and amusing fandom crossovers.

Teresa didn’t betray them, FYI. She only did what she has to do for WICKD not to explode Thoma’s brain. They got him and he doesn’t know that. He doesn’t even remember his past that it was his idea of the maze, the scorch and the cure. It was his fault in the first place but he doesn’t remember. How could he understand? He doesn’t understand that she loves him so much she has to risk him and herself to protect Thomas and her friends. But still Thomas will turn to Brenda as if what all Teresa did was all wrong. And I kind of hate him for that. Don’t you dare judge Teresa.

Good thing there are Newt and Minho in here or else I wouldn’t watch it. They have always been my babies. It always pains me to think about Newt. It’s just- Oh anyway the movie effects was brilliant. I give them that but it wasn’t enough to portray the book right. While watching I couldn’t put things into place, it’s jumbled and from what I read it just made me more confused. Scorch isn’t an amazing movie for me, it's just good.

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