Saturday, July 26, 2014

500 twitter follower and 4th twitterversary giveaway

So I currently have 531 followers on twitter right now. I’ve been on twitter 4 years ago and I only reached 500+ followers now. Lol. I’ve never thought I’d reached the number anyway. So for my amazing tweeps and followers on twitter, here’s a promised giveaway just for you!

Allegiant Poster (which I also won from a giveaway)
I Am Number Four (Blue-Ray)
Eragon (Blue-Ray)

You just have to do these simple tasks and get a chance to win. Goodluck and much love!

Follow me on twitter +2
Tweet me anything @MightaZerie +3
Like my page on facebook (The Bookish Bookkeeper) +2
Like my facebook post about the giveaway +1
Comment on my facebook post +1
Watch and like or comment on my first ever book vid +4
Comment on this post or anything in my blog +3

Just comment here on the post the entries you made plus the corresponding points and I’ll check. Will compile the points in and choose a winner randomly. Ends 8/16/14 PST. Thank you!!


  1. Following on Twitter @tomegnomes +2
    Tweeted you @tomegnomes +3
    Liked on Facebook (Kerry O'Dea) + 2

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  3. Follow you on twitter +2
    account @ryana_maryana

    Tweet you anything @MightaZerie +3
    Seriously @MightaZerie is the best glader friend ever. Let's run! Never give up to find the way out!

    Like your page on facebook (The Bookish Bookkeeper) +2
    Done :D account Maryana Ulfah as Roro ;)

    Like your facebook post about the giveaway +1
    Done :D

    Comment on your facebook post +1
    hhmm, i think i've done =p


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