Thursday, October 23, 2014

My mom and The Fault in her Stars

If you haven't read The Fault in our Stars yet, I advised you to stop reading this at this moment.

I'm the kind of person who really loves to share my favorite books with my mom, because she's not really fond of reading like me, I'm just telling her the story and of those books that I really liked is The Fault in our Stars.

Don't judge me but my favorite scene in TFIOS is when Hazel and Augustus had sex for the first time because it's just so funny how they're having a hard time because of Hazel's oxygen. Apparently, that part is what my mom remembered the most.

So while we were watching TFIOS on the cinema, the part where Hazel is speaking on Augustus' eulogy I'm almost crying then my mom said
Mom: Buntis sya diba? (She's pregnant right?)
With that I started crying so hard while laughing (I'm literally a mess). My mom is so surprised when Augustus died and she said
Mom: Pano na yung baby? (How about the baby?)
I love her so much and I let her believe that Hazel has her own happy
 ending. But, after a few moments I admit that there's no baby and it's just all became a laugh.

This is probably a long share but have you ever experienced that false knowledge about a book? Let's talk about it.

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