Monday, December 8, 2014

Hi readers

So about two weeks ago or so, I finished Eleanor & Park ( I know, face palm ) and it was AMAZING. I loved how the book took place in a non-modern setting and that the book was very realistic. It actually had a great impact on me because the book implies that "love is not all about the physical attributes but it is about seeing beyond what the eyes allow you to see." For those who have not read Eleanor & Park yet, I highly recommend this book to all of you because it is beautiful. 

So here's the summary: (It's nothing much since I do not want to spoil anything for you)
    Eleanor, a girl with curly red hair and chubby cheeks, rode a bus and sat beside Park, a guy who is fond of music and comic books. Their interest in each other started with a single comic book then they started having quick conversations during their bus trips to and from school. Could Eleanor & Park's friendship develop into something more despite certain circumstances?

After reading Eleanor & Park, I read the burn for burn series & the young elites and they were both beautifully made. I would be posting a review up soon. Last November 23, I was been given an opportunity to be able to meet one of my favorite YA authors. Marie Lu, the author of the legend series and the young elites, was super kind and sweet. I am more than grateful to have been given this opportunity. 

Comment below your thoughts on Eleanor & Park and what you're currently reading. 

Have a wonderful night 

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  1. YOU LIKED ELEANOR AND PARK! YISSSS I'm glad :D I'm a big fan of it (and basically, Rainbow Rowell) I wonder if you've read Fangirl. If not, you really should ;) Although I prefer E&P over it, Fangirl's still a good read <3


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