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 The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a Novel by Mitch Albom. It follows the life and death of a maintenance man named Eddie. In a heroic attempt to save a little girl from being killed by an amusement park ride that is about to fall, Eddie is killed and sent to heaven, where he encounters five people who significantly impacted him while he was alive. It was published in 2003 by Hyperion and remained on the New York Times Bestseller list for 95 weeks.

What i thought:

1st person Eddie met in heaven: the BLUE MAN which was labeled as a freak and works at Ruby Pier, particularly at the freak show with the lesson that death is random, you don't know when, you don't know where, it just happens. death is somehow a string to other people's lives, intersection of one's lives it is. the BLUE MAN taught Eddie that  your death is not worthless because you get to be attached to an individual that is destined to be. you get me? you might be dead but the outcome of your death might be good to other people. so if you think that your death is nonsense then think again because you'll bring good results to others with your death.

2nd person Eddi meth in heaven: the CAPTAIN of Eddie when he was still in service of being a soldier. The CAPTAIN taught  Eddie the value of sacrifice. that you will be killed, no matter how but God will know when because when he sees an event that you'll be dead in a way that it will be a sacrifice to others and they will be thankful for, God knows. you must not be angry of God when you're dead because who knows, you might have saved another person's life when you are killed. The art of sacrifice is explained more further to Eddie because Eddie himself is killed but saved a little girl's life. as well as the captain, he was killed to save his platoon.

3rd person Eddie met in heaven: RUBY, a woman who have a husband and her husband, when he was sick, got to join Eddie's father in the hospital. they don't know each other but they are connected in a way that Eddie's father is involved. RUBY taught the lesson of Forgiveness. Eddie despise his father because of the father's abusive acts and got Eddie a dark childhood, but RUBY said he needed to forgive his father. even though Eddie's father is so evil to him because he didn't know the things he has done. maybe, when Eddie is not around, his father has done a good thing which led to Eddie's happiness without knowing that it was made by his father. you never know that things other people has done. with anger and fear lounging in you, you don't get to notice other people's good doing because you are busy noticing the bad doings of them. you must learn to forgive no matter how evil the person is to you, because who knows? you might be dead in a minute. 

4th person Eddie Met in heaven: MARGARUITE, Eddie's wife. who taught him the lesson of endurance of love. when MARGARUITE died, Eddie is broke (of course) he stopped functioning, as in. he stopped doing his routines, and he stopped being Eddie. but MARGARUITE told him that whenever your loved one is dead, you must not let sorrow take over you, because there is still memories. memories will be you connection. memories with your lost loved one will be the thing that will keep you together. memories is like a fine pearl, you must take care of it because it feels good to have a precious thing you get to keep. these memories will kit your lives together, hence that you will still be together.

5th Person Eddie met in Heaven: TALA, a girl that was killed in a war in the Philippines (proud yeah!) she was burned. and the burning was caused by the platoon of Eddie. TALA taught the lesson of your purpose in life. in Eddie's situation, he was destined to work as a maintenance at Ruby Pier, he was destined to keep the children happy. you must learn that when you are dead, you must not feel discouraged, because when you are killed, it only means that your task given by God is done. and you finished it so Good that you make others happy with the doings you have done when you are still alive.


The five people you meet in heaven is an affective inspirational book. Albom is just a veteran, in general, to make people enlighten and to make them feel happy. characters here are just so unique and they are well attached to other characters which really made sense and awed me! the characters are also knitted with the story and really completes the story. i cannot imagine one of them not included in the book. plot is original and so captivating, hello? its heaven! who cannot grab this book and devour it?! with just reading the blurb you can make people read it! i also love the intervals of chapters/ because almost every chapter break it has either a flashback of Eddie's birthdays or the reality with people dealing with Eddie's death. the intervals just contributes so much to the story and feeds its readers of information. despite of the outnumbered pages of the book i am really filled with the leading character's life. so much of Eddie in just 200 pages which i really commend! 

with those in mind, i will give this book a massive 5 stars! yes 5 stars! because it deserves it. hands down for this book!! highly recommend this book!

" All endings are also beginnings, we just don't know it at the time. " 

Hardly 9 hours before Christmas (in the Philippines at least)!!!! So on behalf of the Bookishbookkeeper blog people, we wish you all a merry Christmas! may you find joy and happines in this fruitful day and may you enjoy every moment of Christmas with your loved ones!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! read Christmas themed books to suit your pleasure with the holiday vibe okay? okay!



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