Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hi! Happy new year! if you know me, you know that i hate ebooks. i just cannot bear to read in my tablet because... i don't really know why i just don't want to. but when my family, including me, had a vacation somewhere (december 26 and 27), an overnight stay at a hotel and i didn't want to bring my book along (the rithmatist by brandon sanderson that time) because we will be swimming, and you know, i cannot afford for my book to be destroyed with my wet clothes! so i just depended on my tablet. I downloaded The Rithmatist eBook and carry my tablet along with me instead of my paperback physical copy! of course, i was doubtful at first because i am not really a fan of eBooks (idk why) but i carry on. nightime fell that time and i read in my tablet and OMYGUDNES it felt awesome, i don't know i think this time i focused more attention to it and it focused more to me as well? haha! the next day, i finished the book in my tablet and i felt guilty because i hate (don't like) ebooks/ereaders that much and now i freaking love them on how they are so practical! and also i felt guilty because I unsealed my book and didn't afford to open it for me to read, instead I read it in my tablet! I read eBooks on my tablet occasionally and didn'f feel like it often, though i can finish a book through an eReader and feel meh about it, but this is the first time i fell in love with it and now i cannot stop myself! if you are me you can feel my struggle! comment down your experiences with eBooks / eReaders!
The time when i fell in love with eBooks! (that's a cheesy choice of vocabulary but who cares? that's how i felt)

I finished the Marbury Lens earlier this day and tonight i'll be reading The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick on my tablet!

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  1. Welcome to the club! I was hesitant to read ebooks before but then decided to get a Kindle and Oh my goodness, I instantly fell in love with it. Like you said, it's so practical especially that there are only a few bookstores in my place. In just one click you can read a book, how cool is that? :D

    So glad that you're liking ebooks now, but don't stop loving physical books. Nothing beats its power ;)

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! Oh! And I am thinking about getting a kindle as well! With the ebooks that I love, surely I'll love and ereader with me! Practically awesomesauce! Yep I will not stop patronizing physical books, its good to have a collection you know! :)

  3. I prefer holding a book in my hands, but when you are going somewhere and don't want to take 5 books all over 500 pages along, I LOVE my e-reader! (But when I can carry a physical copy I always choose to do so!)

    Great post!

    Em @

    1. Hi! sorry for the late reply! and i knowwwww, the struggle is so real, right? i am suffering to hold like 2 books and i am to go out, it is a hassle, but with an ereader, i would totally enjoy my life more :D but I can bear to hold 1 physical book at a time ocassionally when i am to go outdoors and let everyone see my precious baby and how much i love to read!


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