Friday, January 23, 2015

Series Review: The Splintered Series

Title: Splintered, Unhinged, Ensnared 
Series: The Splintered Series
Author: A. G. Howard
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Date Published: January 6, 2015

Lewis Caroll once wrote a tale which everyone of at this time knows. The girl in blue and yellow dress, with a ribbon on her hair; that’s Alice Lidell of Alice in Wonderland.

Most fantasy books focus on fey, magic, dragons, mythical creatures and faeries. Not most books are renditions of the stories we once loved as young children. Yes there are some re-telling of fairy tales and classics but it’s a different thing to re-write them, to warp the story the other way around inside-out.

The Splintered Series is, should I say the modern and most acceptable alternate reality of what could have really happened in Wonderland than most people know. It’ll make you believe things that this story is the real one not what Lewis Caroll once wrote. It’s a story of a girl who is a descendant of Alice herself, and an adventure and battle to wonderland and for wonderland.

Enough of the formalization, you guys. Wait a moment, I still can’t process that these one of my favorite series has again ended. I mean, it’s always bittersweet to read the last book of every series. Well, what could I do?

*Internally screaming because of that Ensnared ending* It couldn’t have been more beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful ending. I wasn’t expecting the ending and epilogue to be that way, not much books have these perfect ending that leaves all the reader pleased and content. I want to spoil you guys but naaaah, lol read it for yourself. Although know that I am very much Team Morpheus, Ensnared made appreciate, Jeb (the other lead guy in the series) even for a bit. I must say, Alyssa Gardner is one quite of a lucky butterfly. I wanna be her. I’m kidding. (Though okay, maybe for a day or so) *laughs*

Anyway I love this series so much. It’s not mainstream and overrated and it’s just plain and simply perfect for those of you guys looking for an adventure like little Alice did down the rabbit hole. I love the tension, the competition, and the struggles and twist the series brought. And oh, try this series for the covers, they’re gorgeous. They’ll look good in your shelf, trust me. They’ll even look good on you for a selfie. So check this series out, add it on your TBR and keep calm, cause were all mad here for Wonderland.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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