Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book to Movie Adaptation Review: Descendants

Title: (Disney) Descendants
Starring: Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson,
Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce
Director: Kenny Ortega
Show date: July 28, 2015

Rating: 10/10


This is my new favorite Disney Movie, I tell you. I’ve read the prequel book by Melissa De La Cruz-The Isle of the Lost, and I loved it and I hope you read my book review here.

I love that the story is new and fresh and it gives chances to the kids of our famous villains. It is a story of discovering yourself and choosing which way to go and what future to choose. Our future is not-should not be pre-determined by our parents. We have the right to choose what we will become.

This movie is somewhat a movie adaptation of The Isle of The Lost so I was very interested to watch it. I adore Dove Cameron so much after I’ve watched the movie. She is just so flawless beyond words. I love girls with white blond hair really-Daenery’s, Dove, etc. She may be a Targaryen at some point but lol we’re getting away from the story here. Evie played by Sofia Carson is brilliant and so pretty in the movie, I approve. Jay played by Booboo Stewart reminds me so much of Kenji from Shatter Me. And Cameron Boyce playing Carlos is such a cutie.

I ship Mal and Ben, Bal is kind of like a weird shipname so no. But *hearty eyes* Mitchell Hope is my new bae. Actually fancasts him as all Princes in all the books I’ve read. You may not, at first, like their costumes but what do you expect of villains?  But it’s not the costume that matters it’s the plot and the story. This is undoubtedly the High School Musical of this generation. Kenny Ortega directed it as well. Oh and let’s not forget about the soundtrack of the movie which topped on the Billboard Charts and Itunes: If Only by Dove Cameron and Rotten to the Core by Sofia Carson.The songs had been actually playing on my tab for 2 weeks now and I have no regrets. So..IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW AND GO WATCH IT. It’ll bring back those high-school feels you had and you’ll probably die of cuteness.

I am so ready of DESCENDANTS 2 and the next Descendants book that Melissa is writing for us.


  1. I recall seeing your excitement whilst watching the movie on my timeline! your excitement made me want to watch it!

  2. Because of you, I finish the whole movie and I really like it ( so thank you) and I'm also ready for DESCENDANTS 2.

  3. i want the book so badly! and this review made me want it so much more! guess i'll just watch the movie for now!

  4. I started reading the book, but I haven't had the chance to watch the movie yet (no tv). I was worried about the adaptation, but I'm glad to here that someone did like it. I have hope now. :) My favorite character thus far in the book is Carlos.

  5. I haven't seen a Disney movie like this in AGES. I should probably hop to it because I'm a Disney kid. (Through and through.) Looks interesting. A bit cheesy (because Disney) but interesting.
    Remember when Cameron Boyce was on Jessie? Holy shiz. That was FOREVER ago.

  6. This movie was really cute! The music was fun. A few of the songs I'd love to have on my ipod haha ;) I gotta read the book!

  7. I haven't gotten the book yet, D: but I did watch the movie! I'm soo excited for DESCENDANTS 2. Glad you like the first one, and great review!

  8. YES! I was so unsure about that movie at first but I ended up watching it and recording it because I loved it so much. I've literally watched it every other day with my sisters and the soundtrack is my new jam for when I am on my way to school!


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