Thursday, June 5, 2014

Life of a Blogger #5

Embarrassing Things

Embarrassed is the feeling where you just want to turn into a puddle or just vanish at your spot at the very moment or pray that you go invisible or you just want to run away and go hide somewhere where no one wouldn't find you right?

I don't really remember anything from my childhood or even just a few hours ago, I'm not the kind of remembering type about my personal life. I didn't think I ever got embarrassed though. (Not really) But here are the moments I think I should be embarrassed of.

  • Committing Typos
Typos ruining the vibe since the Hammurabi code we're invented. Sometimes I just tweet anything and then after I tweeted it I realize there is a typo so I just freak out a sec and proceed to deleting or correcting it. (I am slightly dyslexic) Also I edit things but just make it worse and make me look like I need to be arrested by the grammar police or something. Also in posting my drafts because it really is hard to proofread your own work and I just don't know why. Even if you've like proofread your work 3 times, then after you publish it and read it, you still see typos.

  • Singing in public
I remember we individually needed to sing for our humanities class back in 2nd year college. We needed to sing in front of the class. I remember I sounded like a fish. But I think that wasn't so bad though. I still sung in the right tune and right rhythm.

  • Shopping with parents
I just hate this. I don't ever want to go buying things with my parents because they're like so choosy and everything. Plus they don't buy me books, they buy me clothes and shoes and stuff I don't want and I don't need. That's why if they have to go somewhere and all of us needs to go, I choose to be left behind at the house. I'd rather be Home Alone.

  • Making a baby cry
When you are holding a baby and then they just burst out crying. Everybody looks at you like you've kicked a cute little kitten or something. That's why sometimes I don't like holding babies though I'm kinda addicted to their smell.

  • Exam scores
This never gets old. If you get a score below the passing grade, you really ought to be embarrassed and do something to fix your life.

  • Family
Sometimes, someone from your family just do something silly and embarrassing and they don't get embarrassed, it's you getting embarrassed for them.

Those are the embarrassing things I can think of, what are yours?


  1. Dresses and babies are something we have in common.. :) Nice list.

    Vidya @ Books Are Magic

  2. Great post! I find it really embarrassing when I'm wearing something inappropriate to the occasion. It happens to me a lot.


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