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The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review

So Okay. I mean, okay as in TFIOS Okay. I didn't get a chance to watch the movie in the premiere date (which is June 5 here in PH) because of some circumstances on behalf of my companions. I was so frustrated and upset I didn't feel like watching the movie anymore. Honestly I cried about that. I was expecting to watch it at that day, readied all my tfios stuff and feelings but in the last minute we weren't able to go. But now I'm okay. I'm okay because I've watched it on the second day which is yesterday and I'm already writing a review about it!

June 6, 2014: TFIOS DAY

7:00 am – Woke up and got out bed (wasn't so excited just to be safe)
7:45 am – Done eating, took a shower, brushed, changed (that was fast lol)
7:50 am – Left the house (walked to the highway contemplating if I'd cry when I watch the movie)
8:00 am – Got on the bus (listening to tfios soundtrack)
8:15 am – Got off the bus and waited for company (where are they where are they where are they)
8:30 am – A police man talked to me while reading (I didn't know what to address him, I called him Kuya and Sir)
8:45 am – Saw a funeral parade on the street (thought it was Gus's I nearly followed)
9:20 am – Companions arrived (what took them so long???? hahaha)
9:30 am – Got on the bus to the next province just to go to the mall (the wind flying my hair all over the place)
10:00 am – Read House of Secrets: Battle of The Beast (Team Felix!)
11:45 am – Arrived at the mall (yes! Finally! thought we'd be late!!! *runs to the movie house*)
11:55 am – TFIOS ASDFGHJKLQUWRRYEURQW (“aren't we going to eat first?” “tfios now!”)
1:45 pm – Through watching :(((((( (I laughed, I cried, I watched, I tweeted not even hungry just sad)
2:15 pm – Lunch (still tweeting and moping about tfios)
3:25 pm – Time to go home (was tweeting the entire time because literally cannot stop)
5:35 pm – Got home safe and sound (but heart-broken)
6:00 pm – Wrote my movie review (which is what you're reading right now)

I can't even place my emotions right about The Fault in Our Stars Movie. Just. Just beautiful. (Wait I need my thesaurus) I vowed to the book that I wouldn't cry, that I'm cold-hearted, that I don't cry at all on movies. BUT. When the movie started, the feels came crashing to me like waves. And I have drowned and I'm dead and I'm in pain and I was heart-broken, devastated but all these are just an understatement. 

Let's talk about the scenes, when Gus showed up lots of girls squealed! But me, I'm like “shut up duh” But then why not squeal he's looking cute and squishy and cuddly and has an incredible smile. His smile can make you just go “awwwww”. I can't even count how many times I said “awww” while watching. Nat Wolff also did an awesome job being hilarious and I bet he'll do great in paper towns. I The egg-throwing scene! Woodley and Elgort portrayed the young star-crossed and sick lovers and captured their essence. And that moment when Agustus's cancer started coming back the cinema was so silent you could hear everyone's tears falling off their eyes. But me (just ike countless people said) I also lost it on the gasoline station scene.) I was so hard to hold tears back, I was biting on my hanky just to stop myself from sobbing. (I didn't bring tissues and I forgot to buy a cigarette which I will smoke metaphorically) And the pre-funeral scene is so sad, I don't know, I can't even control my tear ducts. 

There are direct quotes in the movie that some fangirls like quoted together with Hazel and Gus. The famous “Okay? Okay” “Pain demands to be felt” “It's a metaphor see” and others. But still some essential quotes are missing as well “I love you, present tense” “My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations” “I do, Augustus. I do” “Without pain how could we know joy?” and others. But at least my favorite quote was included, said my the old guy during the dinner “COME QUICKLY I AM TASTING STARS”. No movie can never be a pure perfection when it is not 6 to 12 hours long. They cannot simply put completely the 300-500 pages of a book into just a 2 hour movie. So yeah, I understand that. It's been ages ago since I've read the book and I don't even remember the entire of it and it didn't make me cry to be honest, but the movie did. Turns out visual really affects me more on the drama stuff.

What do you do if you want to try bathing in your own tears? Watch the Fault in Our Stars Movie! Thanks to John Green and the fantastic casting. For me it was perfect, but it wasn't perfectly perfect, if you get what I mean. I just love this movie and I hop I touched your hearts just as mine in a way.

A one sick love story it is.

Rate: 9/10 stars

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  1. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the movie. But no matter,because it seems that a lot of people loved it. So yeah,I think the movie captured the book (hopefully). :)


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