Thursday, June 5, 2014

Truth About Me and College

So this is the post where I'm going to be honest about school and express my feeling on going back to college and gush about it.

This was the last summer I would have, you know. Since I'll not be experiencing the summer fun for the next 2 years or so. Why? Because there won't be summer breaks anymore during 3rd year and 4th year of Accountancy. We are going to basically like study Monday to Saturday, morning to evening, June to May, all throughout the next two years. So help me God. Anyway, school starts by Monday June 9. I DON'T WANT TO GO YET. I CANT GO YET. I AM NOT READY. I need vacation for 6 months, twice a year. I just don't want to deal with lessons and projects and assignments and just everything about school and college just yet. Sometimes I feel like I'm so done with school. Like “that'st it so freaking done of you school I just couldn't anymore”. I just want to get a job now and work and have money to buy books. I want the world to end so there will be no more school, you know just book scavenging and surviving.

I just can't put my brain and body to be prepared for school because I never will. I've been studying 16 years now, isn't that enough????! I'm just so tired. It feels like my brain cells are already deep-fried. Just 2 more years of schooling and studying but I feel like I don't want anymore. It just gives nothing but STRESS AND HEADACHE AND PAIN. If other says they're excited in going back to the university, oh wow what a hard-core liar. What's school got but crappy teachers and noisy and gossiping and pathetic students? I'd rather hibernate in my room with a billion of books and endless supply of food. Basically me at school: OH HEY MUGGLES. HELLO MUNDANES. HI MORTALS. WHATEVER PANSY CAKES. UGH SHUCKS AND SLINTHEADS. Imagine being swarmed with non book-reader monsters. Unbearable right? And I just don't care about people and school stuff. Me and those doesn't mix well. Like mixing a sweet food to a salty one. Who cares if other people are so proud about their popularity and intelligence at school? We'll all just gonna die anyway, what's the use? And I just don't care and I'm like, “Should I know you? Should I care about your life?” IF I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE I DON'T CARE! College is not fun. College is MORE STRESSFUL THAN HIGH SCHOOL. COLLEGE IS MORE STRESSFUL THAN ANYTHING YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE. So don't go to college! Kidding!

Especially Accounting! 4 ACCOUNTING SUBJECTS! Tobias accounting subjects! I don't know how I'm going to deal with that. I still don't know how to love Accounting. This isn't my field to be honest. I WANTED to take up Architecture/Creative Writing but because of old house oldies, I was pushed to study Accountancy. I was, because my Dad is a frustrated CPA. He didn't take his board exam which was major stupidity of him! And now he's letting us suffer of his frustration. I wish I didn't do what he wanted me to do 2 years ago. I wish I just disobeyed him and enrolled to whatever course I wanted to. Accounting is hard. That is a universal fact. Accounting is mind-blowing, mind-numbing, and heartbreaking. This is the most crucial year in Accountancy at our University. Third year. If you're not at your best well sorry. This time I say to Accounting that I AM NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN. You challenge me? SO BE IT! One thing I know is that I'd emerge as a victor.

I am only going to school just because the law requires me to. And Allowance. And so that I'll get a good job someday so I can sustain myself and buy all the books I ever wanted. So are you going back to school on Monday or not? Yes, but I say I'm not yet ready and I still don't want to go back. Not just yet.

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