Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reawakened by Colleen Houck Audiobook Review

Reawakened Series #1
Colleen Houck
Penguin Audio
5/5 Stars

I had been into Mythology since what I can't even remember, maybe since I started reading books. I started with Greek mythology as my foundation and I continued my booknerd journey since then. Don't get mistaken though, I know Mythology isn't real and I don't believe in them. It's just that it is good to lose yourself in these kind of worlds but you'll never find yourself on them.

I'm partial to audio books, especially if they're narrated by Phoebe Strole. I didn't read this one, I listened to the narration of Phoebe. I had this audio since the book was released last year and I just little by little finished by listening to it whilst I'm traveling home from the uni. This book about 12 hours and I listen to 2 hours everytime I travel once a week.

This as well is my first audio book review and I've listened to a few narrators from the past and it's just that I'm too drawn to Phoebe's soothing voice not to listen to her narrate for me. She's very good in narrating because she captures every moment and emotions with only just her voice and diction and I love that in this book, I can still determine who what was saying even if there is more than 3 people having conversation in the story. Trust me she's the best narrator I've ever listened to and you would not get bored or get sleepy or get tired in listening but you'll find yourself intently listening at her bewitching voice. It's like you're watching a movie in your head and Phoebe is doing all the audio for you.

Let's get to the story. Now Liliana Young is the typical New Yorker rich and sophisticated girl that in all ways changed and became as Lily because of the mind blowing adventures she had with not just one but three reincarnated princes of Egypt. You learn here a lot about Egypt and it's gods. And you get to see here how an Egyptian prince from the past adapts to the technologies and events of the future to keep the enemies at bay. This book is all about sacrifices. Totally about sacrifices.
What I totally adore while listening to this book is how many couple times my heart broke. I couldn't even count. I love and hate that Lily had been too frequently rejected and pushed away. But no matter what she stayed there at Amon&s side. That's loyalty and love at it's deepest and it really touches your heart. I love that no matter what immortal or not have both the ability to fall in love because we can't choose who we'll love. It just does. I loved how Colleen did write the three brothers though. Even if they're not of the same flesh and blood they are brothers through and through.

Heart breaking and heart mending as this book is you should read it or try listening to it because I loved every bit. I couldn't wait any longer for the Sequel #RECREATED I'm sure there would be more epic adventures to listen about and more romantic tension to sate.

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