Thursday, January 28, 2016

The 5th Wave Movie Review

The 5th Wave Movie
Rick Yancey
Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Alex Roe
January 21, 2016
Rating: 8.5/10 stars

Every reader wants nothing more than to see their favorite books come to life whether it be on the big or small screen as a TV series or a movie. They want to see how the actors portray the characters that had only been on the reader's imagination and hearts.

It is inevitable, yes, to compare the book to the movie. Often readers say that the book was better, which in fact is in always true but it's hard to say anything because the movie and the book are completely two different forms of media and should they be compared it isn't really an accurate basis of anything. The movie is only a mere representation of the book and not necessarily the whole book itself. If a book will be turned exactly as it is with the dialogues and all it would take as long as how a reader read the book and movies runs only for about two hours at most. I&m not going to focus on the book but the movie and we'll judge it more as a viewer than as a reader.

It had been 3 years since I've first read the book, sometime on June 2013. Not actually read but listened to the audiobook narrated by Phoebe Strole. It's a science fiction slash dystopian book which I enjoyed reading. It was the kind of book that would make you gasp and hold your breath as you turn the page. As far as I can remember back then, the movie stayed true to the book. As the scenes on the movie played, memories keep on flooding back in my head and I remember what happens next. It's hard holding yourself back to spoil your friends, to be honest. But really the movie was more than good.

As a viewer myself I think the movie would be quite interesting to people of any age because it's the story of a family who was torn apart by nature and the circumstances that the world is ending. Teens would relate to Cassie played by Chloe Grace Moretz, the main character, in what they would do for the people they love if they have the courage and the heart. Every scene is action packed and every turn is full of suspense. Who doesn't want to see a movie who would make their heart pound and their ears ring right? In pursuit of finding her little brother, Cassie outfaces the challenges along the way. She fights for her right of life and she rises against insurmountable odds. Like what are the odds of teenagers against an army of Others? But still she keeps on pushing and even trusts someone who must have been her enemy if he was one of the Others. Risks and sacrifices are made in order to defeat the enemy. It was hard and heartbreaking to watch this movie but overall it would teach us to hold those things that keeps us alive and keeps us human. Why should you watch this movie or try to read the book? The plost twist. I tell you the plot twist was really good and the ending will make or break your heart.

The actors did a great job in making the viewers see what the readers saw through their eyes in reading the book in which most movie adaptations doesn't. Not to mention that some of the cast are just new and unpopular actors that would surprise you of their acting skills. Chloe has played other young adult characters from books like Mia from If I Stay, and as Carrie from a horror movie entitled as is. That makes her one the most sought out teens and girl crushes in Hollywood today.

Not giving up is what makes us who we are. Fear, pain hope and love is what makes us human. Let us never lose them and hold them tight so as not to lose our humanity no matter what happens. Let us have the courage to fight for what we are given and those that we love. Loss and grief shouldn't get the most out of but let those be our guide to push back and give what's left of us so that what we'll gain will be nothing compared to what we have lost.

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