Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Capture by Tom Isbell ARC Review

The Capture
The Prey #2
Tom Isbell
4/5 Stars

How often do you get to read a heartbreakingly beautiful book? This book are one of those. A book that so utterly heartbreaking you keep on questioning yourself why you keep on turning and turning the pages.

So this is the second book of The Prey trilogy. A dystopian post-apocalyptic series that should make your heart race faster on how these characters survive and try to continue to live. It's also a book full of suspense you'd be at the edge of your seats.

I almost had no time to read this because of the upcoming midterm exams for the uni but if you want something you'd definitely find a way, right? I finished this book in just 2 nights, started reading past 12 and stopping at half past 3 am. I wouldn't have put it down if I could still help it but I needed sleep too. 

The story on this one is different from the first one. The first book is about escaping those heartless people who wanted them dead and finding a safe haven. But now it's plot is about salvation. How only 8 teens try to save their comrades-the remaining LTs and Sisters. A few people would be willing to sacrifice their lives for people they hardly know but these teens just have the right heart to do so even if the odds to beat their enemies are hardly on their side. Lost, revenge and love all fuels their desire to save which was lost and battered. No matter how many times they're on the verge of death they keep on holding on to some hope that they will succeed.

Book and Hope&s relationship in this one is too frustrating I keep on reacting too openly while I was reading. Hope just don't want to let herself get attached to Book because of the huge possibility, enormous even that he wouldn&t be able to save him and the heartbreak would literally kill her through grief so she keeps on pushing and pushing and pushing him away. Book on the other hand is too stubborn to keep his feelings to himself and to let her push him away, like he doesn't understand. It may be frustrating but I understood, when you've been through so much it's hard to trust even if you&ve come to love that person and the world is ending love is just but a distraction and weakness. I love that no matter how these two push each other away, they keep on coming back to each other, they keep on saving one another. And I think that's what love is all about: saving and sacrificing for the person over and over again even if it go unnoticed and even if may cost him his life.

My favorite dystopian books are the post-apocalyptic ones because I learn a lot about surviving. Who knows when they'll come in handy one day. I like that this book is both alternating told in first and third persons ànd I'd like for authors to write the way Tom does. Like the first book, this is full of suspense that readers shouldn't miss. It's all about courage, and doing what's right no matter how hard and whatever the cost. And you know what else is right? Read this book.

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