Sunday, June 21, 2015

More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera Book Review

Title: More Happy Than Not
Author: Adam Silvera
Publisher: Soho Teen
Publishing Date: June 2, 2015
Rating: 3/5 Stars


This is a coming to age book about one’s self and self-discovery and sexuality. This is normally not my genre to read but I gave it a go.

Aaron is the guy who has the perfect life in the present, not considering his past. He has a loving girlfriend who loves him unconditionally, a mom that cares for him deeply, a normal brother that doesn’t bother him and friends that he can constantly hang out with.

He has struggles about his present life on how to please her girlfriend, how to always agree with his friends even if deep inside he’s not really with them, how not to be a burden to his mother, and how not to deal with his older brother. Life is normal and life was good for Aaron until he met this one guy, Thomas who became his best friend because her girlfriend had to move away for an art class for a few weeks.

Genevieve (his girlfriend) was with Aaron even when everything began. She was with him in the beginning and even if she knew that he can’t really love her back, she still stayed beside him. I love her so much because of what she honestly did. I want to learn how to love like her; she’s actually my favorite in the book.

So back to the story then, Aaron fell in love with Thomas and he was rejected, much to know about his past, that he was this boy who fell in love with another boy and got a treatment to make him forget of who he is because he felt like it’s the reason everything in his life turned out messed up. But life must go on for him. You must get the book for yourself to read on.

I can’t really say anything about the book or how the book was written because honestly, Adam is a good writer. Although the book is kind of fast-paced for me that I can’t sometimes keep up, this book is still well written, funny, quirky and heartbreaking. You can’t say not to that. But it’s just that I don’t I can’t seem to figure Aaron out because I honestly love Genevieve for him. She is seriously his perfect homogeneous pair, it’s just that he can’t see that and he keeps on looking for somebody else and he only gets nothing but heartbreak and false hopes I just don’t understand. I just wished Aaron saw that.

Overall, this book was still good even if it really is not my genre and not really the way I see things, but this is a good read for teens that may have doubts about on who they really are and that they may see that there is a Genevieve for them to choose no matter what.


  1. I'm really Eager to read this!

  2. Hope you could read soon JM! I want to know your thoughts on the book.

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