Sunday, May 24, 2015

Reading Slump (How to get out of it!)

Hi, Readers! Jm here, co-blogger and come bearing tips on how to get out of an effin' Reading Slump!!! About a month ago I was dedicated to read literally everything on my TBR list, however, I experienced the most depressing feeling to undergo through as a bookworm... Reading effin' Slump!! hence, I definitely didn't kill my To-be-read list and didnt read a single thing for 2 months, which is by the way really depressing!

Thus, this post is solely to help readers to get out of a reading slump if they experience such... tragedy! I will point out 5 tips on "How to get out of a reading slump" which may actually get you out of it! Disclaimer though, that this tips is based on my personal experience and doesn't necessarily covers every reader! atleast, some of it may still help!

  1. Light reads &  Re-reads.
    Favorite book At the moment (Since 2010)

    If you cannot cope up to the plot or get into a book, don't pressure yourself! you might feel discouraged by the fact that you cannot enjoy the book but try reading less sophisticated books, perhaps a light read or a short novel to read before taking the serious ones! Re-read your most favorite book to get you back on track!

  2. "Rest" yourself.
    This rest is not about like, being so tired but about being sturdy around books. reading slumps may trigger something in your brain that cannot contain anymore words, hence giving you a feeling of not reading, yep tragic! distance yourslef to books (I know, it's really hard) to make you kinda like crave for books to read, surely you'll feel the adrenaline and excitement to see books again and to read!
  3. Seize the moment.
    I'm obsessed w/ the Tv Series and currently reading the first book!
    Yeah, I can see this is not a neccesity since you cannot literally seize the moment wherein you cannot enjoy what you love! but this "moment" is about your second favorite thing to do! well, if your second best thing to do is to read as well, perhaps the third... or the fourth. Whatever! anyways, for me my second thing i most likely to do if not to read is to watch series! then if your satisfied, get back to reading! Lol!
  4. Chapter by Chapter.
    with the reading slump, I doubt you'll never finish a book! so invest a period of time everyday to read a chapter. A chapter a day really encouraged me to read the whole thing, though it will take time but it's hell effective!
  5. Keep in touch.

    If you don't feel like reading, and just lounge on your social media accounts, keep in touch of books! such as on instagram, if you follow fellow readers, take time to see pictures of books and the book-related captions. or on twitter, reading book quotes (if you follow such accounts) may keep you still in to books.

I see reading slumps both as a burden and an opportunity. Burden, because hey, reading novels is such a majestic hobby and you are ought to accept the fact that you cannot do it. and an opportunity because, it lets you experience more than reading, it does broaden the span of your bondaries to things as enjoyable and satisfying as reading books! Get out of it and you'll get back on track. stucked in it, try new things to do, but misses sniffing books... It's Hard! Hopefully this'll help you guys who may be experiencing such events! don't worry, its normal for bookworms! hahaha!


  1. Ah, the dreaded reading slump. I also fall victim to this every now and then. What I do is I rest for a few days, and not read anything. Or I also read novellas, those short novels that can be finished in one sitting. I don't force myself to read as it actually makes the reading slump worse. :) Nice post, JM. These are some helpful tips. :)

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

    1. I know right! so dreading and unpleasant! i did the same and also the things above, happy to say that I already got out of it which is nice! thanks so much for finding my post helpful! :)

    2. I rarely get on a book slump or it's just maybe that sometimes I'm to busy I mistake book slump into business. I think you can get over a book slump by reading a book you've always wanted to read, If you're not feeling the book, you should move on to the next. Nice post JM!


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