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The Revenge Playbook by Rachel Allen ARC Review

Title: The Revenge Playbook
Author: Rachael Allen
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: June 15, 2015

I received a copy of this book for review from HarperCollins International. Many thanks to them for entrusting me the advanced readers copies (ARCs) of the books they publish and believing in me that I will make a good book review to encourage more readers and share the book love to people. All thoughts on this review are my own.

I’ve always wanted to read 17 First Kisses also by Rachael, I think it was her debut novel. I’ve been meaning to read it since forever and it has been sitting in my TBR list for so long. I had a feeling it was an awesome book so I added it on my TBR. And of course I wasn’t wrong. Not that I have read the book but I have read a book by Rachael Allen, thanks to Harper!

The Revenge Playbook revolves around revenge but not your ordinary kind of revenge. A revenge where you could get kicked out of school, disowned by your parents kind of thing. We have MelJay, Ana, Liv and Peyton. Four extremely different kinds of girls, in different status and high school hierarchy and they have one single enemy: The football players. How far could these girls go in seeking their cold revenge? And how far would these girls go for their newly formed friendship?

The characters/girls in this book are so empowering and fierce. They may not be friends at the beginning only focusing on their mission but their friendship developed into something stronger, like a sisterhood, girl-power group. Melanie is a Baptist. (And can you believe it? I am one too!) Melanie’s principles and mine are so alike we take proudness and boldness that were not doing anything with a boy until marriage. (But we’re not alike on pretty side because I am not lol) Ana stands as the leader; she has lost her BFF just because of a guy from the football team that is not even worth their friendship. She is the bravest of all the girls. Liv is the clown of the group, the sexiest and the straight-forward of them all. She cheers everyone up and she is firm believer of true love and knows who is she is more than all people. Then there’s Peyton, the sweetest of the four probably also the cutest. She is that kind person who helps kids in an outreach program, that kind of friend that can settle everything down. With all their different personalities and attitudes they are destined to be friends, to be there for each other when no one else is. Honestly this book is basically friendship goals.

One thing I also loved so much about this book is these foreign words where the English language doesn’t have a word for.

Backpfeifengesicht (German) - a face that desperately needs to get punched.
Saudade (Portugese)- the longing that comes with losing something you love
Mamihlapinatapaithe – the look that passes between two people when they’re desperate to make something happen, but neither knows where to begin

And whole lot more. You need these words. Trust me. You need this book. It is paced very well that you will read this in one sitting. It’s a very promising book. The friendship, the bond, the girl-power. We need more books just like this. Love triangles and love stories are now clich├ęs. We need more girl-power, adventure, friendship books with just a pint of romance. This is all what we need in YA, especially contemporaries. The book comes out on June 6th! Be sure to grab it! I dare you to.

5/5 stars

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