Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bookish Must-Haves

1.     Books
You can’t be bookish or a booknerd or a bookworm without books, it’s the first thing you must have whether it be any genre, from YA to NA to Adult and whether they be physical copies, ebooks or audiobooks, it doesn’t matter as long as you have books.


2.    Bookshelf
Where are you going to put all your treasures, not in a chest no, but like in an art gallery, have somewhere you’re going to display them, be proud of all those worlds you have been. So you need to get a pretty well organized and a neat bookshelf to fit all your, whether it be paperbacks, hardcovers or arcs. You need to maintain the cleanliness of your bookshelf, always have it dusted so that the books pages won’t get yellowy or splotched. You should preferably get a bookshelf that has a glass cover, not only for how it looks but how long lasting it could protect your books as well.

3.    E-reader
Books cost a lot. Like $9 is hard earned, especially here on PH, if you are still studying you have to save some of your allowance even if it means not eating the best food you’ve been craving, even if it means walking home. It’s expensive to be a booknerd. It could only be a hobby for the rich people, but no, even if you don’t have that much money, as long as you’re driven by the same passion everything is possible. Thank God for those people who invented e-readers and nook books or ebooks. If you can’t afford to buy a physical copy of the book you could buy the ebook copies instead, sometimes they are a lot cheaper, especially when there are ebook deals, they only cost a dollar and 99 cents equals 89.55 pesos. So you save a lot.

Here are some apps if you can’t buy a nook device or a kindle device. As long as you have an iphone or an android phone, you’re good. You can download them on Playstore for free.
1.       Amazon Kindle – I have the kindle app, I use it for the nook books I buy from amazon and to read the DRCs (Digital review copies) I receive from Netgalley.
2.      Aldiko – Aldiko is a good reader for books with DRC licences-it’s good for DRCs as well as PDF files.
3.      Moon Reader – This reader is the best app you could use to read all your ebook copies. I have the PRO version of this app and it’s very awesome because you can change the fonts, the backgrounds, the size of the book covers, the visuals. It also shows your reading stats, how many words per hour do you read, etc. It’s my favorite e-reader.

4.    Fandom Merchs

Once you read a book, a trilogy or a whole series, you’re then a part of the fandom. Once you’re a part of the fandom, you belong to the family. “Fandom before blood.” You then feel like you must have the items that the main character have in the book that you’ve read. For example:

Harry Potter – Wand, Deathly Hollows Necklace, Time turner, Hogwart’s Letter, etc.
Percy Jackson – Camp Halfblood Bead Necklace
The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Pin
The Mortal Instruments – Angelic Rune Necklace, Parabatai Necklace
The Infernal Devices – Clockwork Angel
Divergent – Erudite Necklace

And a whole lot more, as I said it’s expensive to be a booknerd. But once you have all the fandom merch of the books you love, well it is satisfying and fulfilling to have them as treasured possessions.

I bought my Fandom Merchs in this shop, you can buy yours too:

5.    Fandom Shirts
Wear what you read. That should be your motto. Wear your fandoms and be proud of it. Have a Hunger Games Tee, that says, “If we burn, you burn with us.” Have a Maze Runner Tee that says, “Run for your life, shank.” Have a Camp Halfblood Tee, an SPQR Tee, a TFIOS Shirt that says “Okay? Okay.” Have a Divergent Tee that says “I am Divergent and I cannot be controlled.” Have a multifandom tee! So that when people of the same fandom see you wearing that shirt, you never know they might approach you and then you fangirl/fanboy about your fandoms, meet the book bff of your life.

I have a collection of fandom shirts now, and I think I have, THG, TMI, TID, TFIOS, TMR, Divergent, Shatter Me, Mara Dyer, CHB, and a multi-fandom tee. And I’m totally getting more fandom tees printed.

You can get your fandom tees here; they sell awesome tee designs of like all your book fandoms!

6.    Signed stuff from authors
Oh once you got the official fangirl status, even if you’re not a book blogger or anything, you totally should get or buy, yes you can buy them, signed copies of the books from your favorite authors, they might be a little more costly but they’re worth it. Also it would also be awesome if you get signed book swags from your favorite authors by joining book giveaways, tweeting or emailing them. Book swags are like signed bookmarks, book plates, posters, wrist bands, etc. For me this is the most bookish must have.

7.    Book Lights
Don’t you just get tired reading in the dark? Like with an e-reader or a flashlight or a lamp. I bet you do, also you are ruining your eyes! Your eyes are the most important thing of all for reading, for being a booknerd, take care of it. You should get a book lamp that the lighting is good for your eyes.
I have this LED READING PANEL I bought online and I swear it’s the perfect book light a booknerd like you can ever have. Just slip the panel on the page you’re reading and perfect! No need to hold a flashlight or deal with the dim light of a lamp!

I bought my LRP in this shop, you can buy yours too:

8.     Book mugs
You may or may not be addicted to coffee as I am but it’s a need to have an awesome mug while you’re drinking coffee or tea or milk while you are reading! With a book mug of yours cheers to more books to read and later hours of sleeping!

These are mostly the things I can think of that all of us bookish people must have in our lives, they complete us as book lovers and they make life worth living and books worth reading!


  1. You're totally awesome! I must admit I don't have many of these must- haves, but it doesn't mean I have to be discouraged with my love of reading. I must say thanks for this post. I think this is a great help for me as a beginner in the field of being a bookworm/bibliophile/simply a reader. :)

    1. Hi Najera! This post should encourage you to read more, not because you don't have much of these must-haves, you're not a great reader anymore! You are so keep on reading good books! Thank you so much for reading. :)

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  3. Interesting post to read. I only have 1, 2, 3 and a little of 6 (but gifts), and 7. I like better spend on books, even some fandom merchs are really nice. I had a "more-fan" period when I was reading HP fanfics.


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