Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Swags I got this year and the past

   Being a reader is one of the biggest blessing ever. I'm glad I was born a reader and fangirl, If I wasn't I would not have these books and bookmarks and fandom items and the like. So what more can a reader-fangirl ask for if she has lots of books already? Well of course, we need bookmarks and book swags. What are book swags? They are book related stuff which is given to the readers by the authors themselves and other bloggers as giveaways.
Some are bookmarks, booklets, posters, cards, charms, jewelries and others. Some are signed by the author, some are not. You see I have now a lot of bookmarks but I'm not using them all. Or I'm not using any of them or giving them away either. I keep them as a collection and consider them as a treasure (I even hide them lol) but anyway here are the list of bookmarks I have now, thanks to these wonderful and generous authors and bloggers who had given me these beautiful pretties.

Signed Of Poseidon, Of Triton, Degrees of Wrong bookmarks from Anna Banks
Degrees of Wrong booklets from Anna Banks and Lis Les Livres 
Signed Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril Bookmarks from Wendy Higgins
Author autograph tabs from Wendy Higgins
Signed Sweet Evil Poster from Jennifer Muswani
Divergent Bookmark from Krystal Angela
Hunger Games Bookmark from Krystal Angela
TMI and TID bookmarks from Krystal Angela
Dimitri Kozlovsky bookmark from Krystal Angela
and reader-fangirl-booknerd bookmarks from Krystal Angela

   You won't be blessed if you don't share what you receive right? So of all these (precious) bookmarks I think I've given at most 10 to 15 of all of the book swags I received to friends, family and others. But I thank God, he's been replacing those of another pretties to come, like right now I'm waiting for my Of Neptune bookmarks from Fierce Reads. (I can't wait okay, my Syrena legacy bookmarks will be completed.)

   Some people are so kind and generous in giving away items to us readers without asking for anything in return. Like Ms. Krystal Angela from Australia, I mean can you imagine she sent me my bookmarks here in the Philippines, without asking for anything in return? How much did it cost her to print these bookmarks not to mention the postage the cost her a few dollars. She's just so kind. I'd like to thank her very much. So, to you readers out there who are in need of bookmarks kindly, check her blog (‎) and check her freebies and email her about what you'd want. Good luck and hopefully she can still send you some.

   I also thank Wendy and Anna. They are I think the most generous author that ever lived. So everybody please read their beautiful books and get the chance to be able to interact and talk to them even just in social sites. (I really want to meet them personally) and it's really an honor to be an admin of their PH street teams.

  Oh and by the way, I really dunno how to send these SASE's (Self addressed stamped envelopes) internationally where you get to pay all the cost and the author would put in some swags and send it back. (I don't know how to do it internationally) so I'd be very happy if you can help me. I'd be having more book swags if I really know how to send those.

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