Sunday, April 13, 2014

What to expect on Bookish Bookkeeper for the rest of the summer.

I just learned about these book memes and I think you'll be expecting some in this blog for the rest of the summer or if I could continue at least for the rest of the year and beyond why-ever-not?

I have always associated the phrase “top ten” on academics. Well, you know, being in the honor role and being cream on the crop, etcetera. So right now, I see this would be fun to do, at least for me. Live a little, Mighta! (Yeah, I'm doing it right now, I hope) I plan to do this at least once a month. Twice a month tops. I'll do “Top Ten Fictional Crushes as of April 2014” and “Top Ten Summer TBR list” for this month. So look out for it!

I made this up. Originally from Bookish Bookkeeper.
Friday is a day for fancasting. In here I will present an actor or model or anyone who I think fits a certain character that can play if there ever will be a movie or who I think looks like the character in real life and that I should have enough evidences to back it up.
First of all, I wish you should note: “Don't fancast unless your fancast is perfect for the fictional character.“ Please don't ever, ever fancast just because you think so, you don't just think so. You should have enough proof that your fancast has everything we're looking for in the fictional character. If you will fancast a brown-haired, blue-eyed guy in a certain book and is 17 y/o you don't fancast a 31 year-old black-haired guy with brown eyes for the character. So definitely not.
Will do post an article of this for once (perhaps twice if time and laziness permits) a month and I'll be doing Aaron Warner and Juliette Ferrars from Shatter Me Series and Patch Cipriano from Hush Hush Series to James Carstairs from The Infernal Devices and a lot of others too.

I'll do this every 15th and 30th of the month. I'll post all the books I got and bought within that fifteen days. (It'll probably be empty anyway, I kid.) Hopefully I'll have more than 5 books every time I post or I think I might have at least 20 or so. *winks*

Also I made this up. Originally from Bookish Bookkeeper.
Every other Saturday I will try to review a whole series of books by certain authors and recommend these to other readers. I find a series easier to review than to individually review each of the books. Also, if it isn't a series, I'll do a stand-alone book review saturday. I'll rant about the book or series and give it an honest hearty rating.

Anytime I want to I'll try to write something out of the blue about anything and everything I want to. Or I can write anything about myself or my course or my boyfriend (joke, as if I can ever have one in a lifetime) or just about anything I can think of and I find interesting. You: Wait, why do you have that??? Is this a book blor or??? Me: It's a Personal-Slash-A-Bit-Book-Blog kind of blog, Okay? And who are you to judge? Is this yours? Isn't this my blog? Hey, I hope we're still friends! Anyways,

I'll do my best to keep up on these so help me God! 

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