Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ordering from TBD

The are very few bookstores in the Philippines. It's the first thing you need to know if you're a reader and you visit the country. We only have like 2 (seriously, yes, just two) well-known bookstore all throughout the place. How antagonizing can that be right? There're only just 2 and sometimes they are not even on schedule on book release dates. National Bookstore and Fullybooked. The bookstore here on our place (NBS) releases books after 2, 3 weeks or 2 months after the official release date! It's so annoying, that I need to resort to ebooks to read the books first before I can buy the physical copy. So, chances are I would buy the physical copy but I won't read them anymore unless I want to reread it.
They also don't have some books I am dying to buy, I go to the bookstore every time to just get disappointed they don't have the book and or they don't have the books yet. It get's to my nerves every time. They also have unsatisfactory salesladies that doesn't even know about the books they are selling. I remember one time when I ask a saleslady about this particular book and she just waved me off and told me she doesn't know about it. I hate this bookstore in our place to be honest. So, if you guys from Fullybooked are reading this, please we need a branch of your bookstore here far north of the country. (we beg you)

Good thing there are online bookshops, we could buy the books that are available for sale (Preloved or Secondhand) for a cheaper price but the hard thing is the shipping costs, you have to buy in bulk to have the shipping free or have a discount. So, there's this online bookstore, The Book Depository that I'm pretty sure book-bloggers are all aware of. (Even if I'm not a book-blogger, I am aware) From UK. They sale books for a price but the shipping fee worldwide is free. If you're from UK or US, delivery is just 1 to 2 weeks but to other parts of the world it'll take 3 weeks to 2 months for the books to arrive, depending on where you are. 

Since, I didn't find anywhere to buy these books I wanted to buy, I tried buying from TBD. First thing you need to have if you order is that you need to have a credit card or visa so you can pay for your order. I had trouble in paying at first but I finally did, with the help of Paypal. And then I printed out the receipt, and waited. So I ordered on March 21st and after 1 week they shipped the items. I was always checking for the books every time in the post office but some of those old hags are so old-fashioned they don't even know a thing about online shopping. Anyway it took about a month for the books to arrive. I mean for a book to arrive (it arrived just this Wednesday), my orders I think are dispatched separately. So now, I'm still waiting for the other one, hopefully it'll get here soon.

So you guys should try buying from TBD too, it's great (because free shipping). But if you're not patient enough to wait, well I advice you just stick to the crappy bookstore near your place. 

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