Sunday, April 13, 2014

the perks of being a student-bookworm-wanting-to-be-a-bookblogger

I might not be a book blogger today, but maybe someday.

Remember those crazy times when we we're just kids, running around with toys and not caring if we don't get 5 stars for the ugly turtle drawings we made at school? Well, it seems like a life time ago isn't it? The memory of those times just hit you full head on and you realize how much you've changed and how everything haven't left unchanged. But that's it, everything is different now and we should admit, we all miss being CARE-FREE. Care-free, even the word speaks for itself.

When I first learned how to live my life-that is to start reading real books, real novels-it was pure bliss. It gave me so many things I couldn't even start to enumerate but I'll try. Let's see. Friends (virual and real). Feelings. Fun. Those are just some. You know once you open the right book fo you and you read, it changes your life. You become aware of everything. But that's not the point here. The point is here is that I am a bookworm, booknerd, whatever you want to call it and I feel the responsibility to the world, to the entire universe to read. And that I want to share whatever these books give me to the world. The question is how? And the answer is simple: Through book blogging.

But for me it's not that simple. Because how can you (become a book blogger) when you are taking up a very crucial college course? You can't just do it. True that, if there's a will, there's a way. But in my case, you choose one you reject the other. You can't study ACCOUNTANCY as you book blog, and you can't blog (as frequent as you should be) if you're an accountancy student. Just, No. You can't serve two masters they say, and it's true.

You might wonder why not? You can if you wish, you are probably thinking. Yeah, sure. I can but the consequence of that is a thing I don't think I can ever bear, and certainly I don't ever want to. I really want to try to be a book blogger but if I do I know I might not give my full time to the blog and just probaby be blogging in my not so very book blogger ways. I've heard that starting to be a bookblogger is hard-really hard. You have to work hard to get those ARCs from publishers but first you have to maintain a good enough reputation as blogger before you can even get some. Even this makes me hesitate to do it.

The hurdles that I needed to jump through before I can be a book blogger:

Time Management.
I so suck at this. I can't even schedule anything. I have a hard time scheduling my study time. Not to mention how to spend my summer time. How can I blog if I don't have a proper shedule? Obviously I can't. I might blog as frequent as once a day and then after a week it just becomes once a month and then it just becomes once a year. Geez. Someone help me on this.

I am a human slug. I am so lazy, I don't even want to get up of the bed, much less bring myself to reply when someone is talking to me. I don't do anything at home but study and read. Yeah, my life is that boring. So tell me? How do I blog?

You know, I don't want to think sometimes. I think like thinking is a reflex and I don't want to make myself think for a long time. I'm pretty sure when you book blog you have to think thoroughly, have enough ideas to put in the blog as memes and all that. I think I'm still not ready for those, I mean I have enough in my mind to think about already.

My college course.
How can I blog if I have my full attention on something else? How can I blog if I am-I need to give my full time to my text books? Tell Me. How can I book blog, if I don't want to fail? I DARE YOU, BE AN ACCOUNTANCY STUDENT AND BE A READER! Let's see if you can survive the course and still read a couple of hundred of books in a year. I have experienced that myself and it's hard. I kid you not. I didn't think I've ever seen an accountancy student book blog or if there even if there was-I don't think it was sucessful. You try to take up accountancy and let's see if you can survive it without not being kicked out of the program. I mean with all those every-sem screening and those mind-blowing, mind-numbing, mind-wrecking, heart breaking exams,especially now that I'll be on 3rd year next school year (the most crucial year in an accountancy student's life)-HOW CAN YOU JUST BE A BOOK BLOGGER? Being a reader and an accounting student had been hard for me, how much more to be a book blogger at the same time?

So I have my last advice to all of you guys, If you're an avid book reader-simple, don't take up accountancy but if you want to be like me then who am I to tell you?

I might not be a book blogger today, but hopefully in the future I will be. (And I'm so looking forward when that day comes to pass.) I might be a CPA when I'll be starting to book blog, that's right. ;)

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