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Top Ten Tuesday #2

Top Ten Characters Who Everyone Loves (But Not Me)

We all have different tastes and perceptions of fictional characters. Not because I love a certain character doesn't mean you have to love them too. Not because you love them, doesn't mean I have to love them too. Not because everybody likes them, it doesn't mean I like them too. Especially me, I'm not particularly the kind of person who likes being mainstream. I don't know but sometimes I feel the immediate need to oppose everyone's opinions.

So don't hate me for this I'm just trying to be honest here. Please don't get offended, it's my opinion but we have different opinions so it's up to you if you'll take this seriously or not. But if I don't like a character, it doesn't mean I don't like the book. Nope, the book and the character are two different things we have to deal with. And it doesn't mean If I don't like the character, I don't like the author either. That's wrong. And I think, you people sometimes are so illogical and irrational to like these characters. But we have our opinions so, you like who you like, I like who I like, okay?

Need I remind you, you cannot change the way I feel about these characters no matter what you do and what you say. So don't try to persuade me because you're just wasting your time. By they way they're all guys. Contrary to popular belief, I don't like them. (Me and my unpopular opinions)

1. He's the famous demigod kid who everyone thinks he's a hero. Saved the world from falling apart, saved Mount Olympus. Poseidon's kid and Seaweed brain. I really don't like him to be honest. I don't think he's a hero. I don't think he deserves all the praise kids are giving him because I think that Luke Castellan was the hero (And he deserves all the praise) and not him. Remember when Luke stabbed himself and died, that's when the battle was finished, he sacrificed himself. I don't get why they give him (the guy I'm talking about here) so much credit about it. It's not like he was the one who killed Kronos right? And I don't like guys who take girls for themselves when they know they're made for someone before they even came. I don't know if (supplant) is the right word for it. But we have a word in Filipino for it : it's (Mang-aagaw). Annabeth should have been with Luke, if he wasn't there to confuse Annabeth. Annabeth could have gone with Luke, and that would mean no Kronos, end of story. And I really cant get the logic why Annabeth would love him? I mean she says she's Seaweed brain right? So tell me, how come does a daughter of Athena (Greek goddess of knowledge) -Knowledge, emphasis on that- would like someone not really that smart (seaweed brain)? I think that act should've been credited for a daughter of Aphrodite, loving a seaweed brain. I really really (x infinity) can't figure this. Help me out?
- Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus)

2. The shadowhunter who's done nothing but hurt everyone who tried to love him. It isn't fair for the one's he's hurting. His reasons are not even logical. He has this stupid, unprobable belief he hasn't even proved to push away people from him. He continued to dance with the idea that he doesn't love anyone and always pushed them away for his own selfish-reasoning without fact-checking his dark past. I don't know about you, but I want someone who is straight forward with their feelings. He always needs to be in the spot-light – he's brash, an egoist, says things without thinking about other's feelings and tends to upset the world around him with his over-the-place attitude and his pretend-to-be-drunken and gambling ways. He never let's people see him for who he really is and he's beyond complicated. It's hard to fix someone like that – ultimately change for the better.
Blue eyes and black hair? I also think that's already mainstream and overrated. I don't think he's respectful too. When he told Tessa those hurtful words in the rooftop, then soon after, acting pathetic for all he did and insists he loves her? No. I don't like guys who has a history of hurting a girl so very much, I hate them with a passion of a billion burning suns. And I don't like guys who take chances on girls just because they can. It seems to me that they want the girl for lust and never love (the cave scene). And why would he take someone that's his best-friend's. I can't believe he's Jem's real friend of what he did. I never liked him, I won't ever like him. But I do like all the Herondales in the family except him (Jamie, Stephen, Jace). I'm sorry but I don't think he is good enough to even like.
- William Herondale (The Infernal Devices)

3. The rebel boy, and the criminal and the heart-breaker. I was never a fond of rebels. Not the kind of rebels that does fight for the good of their country, but the rebels who rebel against the current regime just because they can, just because they want to, just because they have their personal reasons. I don't even understand why people listens to the rebel more than the ruler who could do everything to them if he wants to (kill, imprison, punish them.) Why would the people side with the pathetic little boy who's done nothing but destroying government property for who knows what his reasons are? (Illogical isn't it?) Revenge for his family you say? What would it do? Could it bring his dead parents back? No. And when the El Primo (Anden) offered him help about his younger brother, how dare and stupid that he refused. He's just too egotistic and proud to accept help is that it? And he broke Tess's heart just for June? How dare him? I mean he deserved Tess and not June, we all know it. Let's be honest, Anden deserves June here. June should've been with Anden not him. She's too high and too beautiful for him. He doesn't deserve June. He's just this street kid and June is the polaris too high for him to even reach. He should've not broken Tess's heart, he gave her hope and then break her heart like that. Again, (I don't like guys who has a history of hurting a girl so very much, I hate them with a passion of a billion burning suns.) I also again think he's taken a chance on June, like they're still too young. He didn't even think June was still Sixteen, almost Seventeen. He's no hero for me, he's a criminal, he's selfish and he's a heart-breaker still.
- Daniel 'Day' Wing (Legend Series)

4. He's the savage, wild, uncivilized, unhandsome guy. Again a heart-breaker. He broke Booke's heart, just like that because he saw someone prettier and gentler than her. You say he didn't love her in the first place? Then why did she have to take Brooke's virginity? He just did that because he can, is that what you mean? Why would you even give a relationship (something) a try if you know it'll not work out eventually? No one does that but the selfish people. And this is the most unbelievable of all. He did the do with Aria (IN THE FIRST BOOK OF THE TRILOGY). I just, they just knew each other for like 3 days, less than a week tops and they already did it?! In the first book! Like couldn't he even wait til the 3rd book? (super duper) INSTA-LOVE geez (shakes head) Usually, in YA books it's the 3rd book where the couple had to make love. It's not that I judge a character by their looks but I don't understand how Aria liked him, I mean she described him a guy with a broken nose and scars in his whole body and face-I just, I mean Aria is perfect without any blemishes-imperfections-kind-of-perfect but she liked him anyway, not to mention how he treated her in the first two days of their journey. I prefer Aria for Roar actually, It should've been better if it's Roar and not him.
- Peregrine 'Perry' (Under The Never Sky Trilogy)

5. A Captain of the Guard, yes. And sadistic and brash and egoist. He's nothing but a guard that does what his King say even if it's obviously and immorally wrong. I can't see the logical reason why Celeana would like him. He's the reason why her best-friend Nehemia died, she went for him in vain and left her friend in the palace that lead to her death instead. I can never forgive him for that, I don't know how Celeana can, I don't understand. He did nothing but hurt her physically and push her to her limits. He's not a gentleman! He took Celeana for himself when he knows that his Prince love the girl? (Mang-aagaw again, okay) Rationally she'd be better off with the Prince because obviously she's a princess and what is he? Just a guard? What could he even give her? He's just a guard, he can't give her a nice future. Why can't he realize he doesn't deserve her? For me, it should still be Dorian with the princess. Because who ever chooses the guard over the prince, I think, has lost her mind.
- Chaol Westfall (Throne of Glass Series)

6. Another guard. (It seems that I developed a hate for guards don't you think?) I don't think a lot of people like him either but after reading The Guard the said they're confused already? Not sure if they hate him or not? Who says he loves a girl and send her off to marry someone? Is not that the stupidest oxymoron ever? Who would sneak out just to make out with the girl in secret leaving off his duties at the palace? No one but a lustful guy just like him. So ungentlemanly. (eww) And double gross. Why would he let the girl go in the first place, even if she's fighting for them both then comes back to her like nothing's happened? Only this stupid guard. He knows that the girl deserves the prince yet he's trying to destroy this something by just his presence. A lot of things are really not his. My love is one of them. And America's. Again who chooses the guard over the prince? No one!
- Aspen Ledger (The Selection Series)

7. I hate him the most, this guy. I know there are still girls who are still on his team even if they have read all the books in this series. There's this saying I made up, “Don't judge a character in the first book.” Don't love and hate a character in the first book, read on before you judge. He was stupidly sweet in the first book but really he's nothing but an unbelievably selfish person and a great pretender. (I swear to the stars I never liked this guy anyway, even in the first book, I've always known there's something fishy (so fishy) about him.) To be honest I don't like the girls who blabbed that they we're on his team on the first book. I was all like “you'll eat all you said and regret it”. AND PLS IF YOU DECIDE YOU'RE ON SOMEONE'S TEAM STICK TO IT. DON'T SHIFT SHIPS! You're Team him? Then don't ever tell me you'll change teams a little later because I just might loathe you for it. So you better be sure not to mention in my face that you're on his team if you haven't read the whole series. Back to the guy, he did nothing but to make the girl cry and let him plant to her mind that she's weak and that she needed his protection, when in reality she doesn't. He tried to tame her, make her to be suitable for his needs, not thinking about her really, what she wants and everything. He'd also taken a good chance physically on her, which when I reread those scenes I want to do nothing but barf. I still think he's the most selfish guy I've ever read. I'm beyond glad Juliette didn't end up with the default.
- Adam Kent (Shatter Me Series/ Juliette Chronicles)

8. It's not that I don't like him all. It's just that I can't decide if I should like him or not. I'm like, I don't feel anything for him. (It's possible to feel nothing for someone, because I feel it lol). I just didn't like the way he handled all the situation he's faced. And he killed my love (He killed my Newt). He killed his best-friend, out of mercy and love I understand but it still hurts. And what hurts the most that he did is not forgiving Teresa and leaving her behind to die and choosing another girl. I mean how could he? Teresa had done everything for him and he's like, “who cares?” The wound is still fresh. It re-opens every time I remember. And I still hate him for those that he did.
- Thomas (The Maze Runner Series)

9. He's the hot alien here. He's the hot guy, he has the trinity of characteristic that makes up bad boys but he's still not my taste. I just don't like guys who knows the effect they have on girls and use it for their own benefit. It's not that I hate him though, I just like his twin better. What I mean is I like him, but I like the gentle, sweet and caring him-which his twin is who fits my taste so I'm on his brother's side rather than his.
- Daemon Black (Lux Series)

10. He's a mortal who's given everything for her muse but still I can't make myself like him. Yes, he's an artist and he has dimples and a hot labret, it's a plus on his side yes but it seems he really can't make me like him. He already even bled for the one the girl he loves, but I still think it's not enough. (I don't know what is wrong with me about him) Maybe it's that he had broken another girl's heart for the girl he loves (you already know I hate that) or maybe it's his stupidity to sacrifice everything for the girl he loves when it's obvious she isn't for him. They can't be ever together, she's a netherling so she belongs with a netherling not a mortal like him.
- Jebediah 'Jeb' Holt (Splintered Series)

As for girls-I don't have anyone I don't like so far. But no offense to you guys who likes these characters but we have the right to like who we want to like and loathe who we like to loathe right? There's no need to argue, we have our opinions. And nothing should matter than our very own opinion right? It is what it is.


  1. I have a thing with Perry as well. It's not like I hate him or anything, but I just couldn't connect with him very well. I love Daemon though, I like that he's a bit of a bad boy. :) Great list!

    1. Thank you for the comment. It really means a lot~
      Same, I really have this detachment to Perry. I don't know I think it's just me but even in the first book of the series I had this feeling I won't like him and I was not mistaken- Anyway, thanks again. :)

  2. I have only read a couple of these books but THIS IS AMAZING!!!!
    Percy Jackson was SPOT ON, and I loved that you hate Will Herondale (I have not read that series yet, but absolutely everyone is in love with him - now I won't feel bad if I dislike him!)

    Your writing style is beautiful, can't wait to read more.
    Aimee @ www.aimeerobyn.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for the comment. It really means a lot~ I didn't know I have someone with who really is not into Percy, I thought everybody is lol. You should definitely read The Infernal Devices so you'll know. I"m purely team Jem. :) Trust me you won't feel bad if you don't like Will. Thanks so much for the compliment! I'll write more xx

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  4. Okay, I'm actually really glad to see someone else who is not a Deamon fan! He is just too much of an ass. I have only read the first book so I can't comment on his brother. Great choice for this week's Top Ten!

    My Top Ten

    1. Thank you for the comment. It really means a lot~ I'm really not a daemon fan since the beginning. :D But I don't hate him. You should read the succeeding books, and probably you'll like him then. Thanks for the compliment x

  5. I love Will and Daemon! I do admit I might not like them so if they were real. But I love them as book characters. :)


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