Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top 10 Books if you like Disney Films (or read fairy tales as a kid)

We all love fairy tales slash bed time stories as a kid right? Who doesn't? And Disney films? Who doesn't adore them? Those who doesn't perhaps are ugly sadistic hussies. Anyway here are my top ten books if you want the magical and enchanted feeling fairy tales gave you with all the modern twists and turns.

1. The Selection (The Selection Series) ~ Kiera Cass
It's not the typical story about Prince and Princesses. Well, as Kiera Cass (the author) said, the story is more like the Biblical story of Queen Esther. A prince choosing his princess from girls of different castes. This story will capture you're heart and make you swoon and sigh like all fairy tales did. The majestic and regal feels. (It may or may not remind you of Barbie and her movies and well you know all the others)

2. The Iron King (The Iron Fey Series) ~ Julie Kagawa
All about fae and faeries with a modern twist of technology. Beautiful friendship and swoon-worthy star-crossed romance. Magical setting and dangerous adventures. Butterflies and a beautiful fey Prince with silver hair and eyes. The Puck and an intelligent talking cat. A not so typical girl who's changed the fate of Nevernever. You know, the beautiful wild, I know you can picture it now.

3. Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy) ~ Anna Banks
I'll give you a hint. Okay, “Ocean”. Oh I know you know it already. You're right, Mermaids. (not the Little Mermaid though) But in this book, they are not called mermaids, they are called Syrenas. With violet eyes. And yep, a Syrena prince and a mortal pretty girl-well, a not really mortal girl actually. Lots of laugh and lots of swooning. And a gorgeous kingdom in the ocean.

4. Splintered ~ Anita Grace Howard
Well, who doesn't want to go to Wonderland? We all know Alice when we we're kids. If you'd like to meet her again and read what truly happened after the story we've all been told, this book would be perfect. It's not some kind of retelling, it may or may not be a story of Alice after a hundred generations had passed. Do you remember who smells like licorice? You'll fall in love with his beauty and viciousness in this book. And a love triangle, well I don't think it's a love triangle though more like an angle love story that is.

5. Throne of Glass ~ Sarah J. Maas
A fierce assassin an all her quests. A wild-card romance with a prince and a guard. A combination of royal things and faerie magic. It's the tragic story of an assassin girl who's doing her best and everything to keep herself alive for the next day and the next. It's like a bad-ass fairy tale, with a bad-ass protagonist, instead of the common graceful princesses. 

6. See Me ~ Wendy Higgins
Leprechauns. Little people. (Not goblins, not elves, not dwarfs okay just little people) Refreshing Irish setting. Beautiful sibling relationship. And a very swoon worthy love story of a leprechaun and a human. Faerie magic, fae, pixies. And an arranged marriage. Oh and wait, this book kinda reminded me of Frozen by Disney (You know, Anna and Elsa and Olaf?) It reminded me of the scene with Anna, Kristoff and the trolls, really. It's cute.

7. Frozen ~ Melissa Dela Cruz
Not the Frozen movie okay? I once mentioned it to a friend and we got confused, I was talking about the book and she was taking about the movie. Anyway it's about dragons and fae and sifts and magic. Ice apocalypse. Also pirates and ships and voyages. And unexpected sweet romances and strong friendship.

8. Dorothy Must Die ~ Danielle Paige
Remember Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz? Yes, you do? Well it might just change your perception about it. Dorothy is the antagonist. Yes she is. We don't stop where the story ended to us as a kid, we don't know what happened next and Danielle wrote it. Villains nowadays a the good ones and the nice one's are the evil ones. I now, I don't make sense. Just read the book.

9. Cinder (Lunar Chronicles)
Well, who doesn't even know about Cinderella? But this is a very modern Cinderella, a cyborg Cinderella actually. Yes, a part-robot/machine Cinderella. (I haven't read it) Though it's on my TBR pile since forever. I'll read it soon if I feel like it, and tell me if I should read it as soon as possible.

10. Steelheart (The Reckoners Series)
I'm not so sure if I should include this but I can't think of anything to put as number 10. Is there a film about superheroes by Disney? I'm not sure lol. Anyway this is the story of people who has evolved to be Epics-people with specific different super strengths and a striking story and lots of explosive plot twist. Adventure, fun and love and friendship. Isn't that what Disney theme is like tho? This book is a must read by the way. (If you haven't read it yet run along the bookstore and go buy one a lot of copies are seating there unread I know it)

So, if you were (still are) fond of Disney movies, it's never too late for you to read these.


  1. Dorothy must die sounds awesome! Added to my list of things to read.

    1. I think it's a nice read, you should go for it! Thanks for the comment! xo

  2. Yes, yes yes! I did Once Upon a Time, so I have some of your same books (Cinder). Also props for including The Selection <3 <3 <3

    1. For real? That's awesome! :)) Yes, The Selection should totes be included.

  3. I love fairy tales - I've read some of these: CINDER, STEELHEART and a few others, but most of them are still in my wish list or TBR. I need to get to it! THRONE OF GLASS may be my next one.

    1. Throne of Glass is totally worth a read, you should grab it. Though I'm all for the Prince, not the Captain of the Guard :D

  4. *shocked*
    Haven't read it, but as far as the cover, YES!


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