Sunday, April 27, 2014

Book Withdrawal

     I don't know what is happening to me and reading right now, I can't seem to finish any book. When I read, I always get tired and stop reading. I only seem to finish a few pages of a book and move on to another. I get tired (not bored okay?) easily. I have like 15 to 20 partly unfinished books. I'm now even 10 books behind schedule because of this book withdrawal I'm having, how am I supposed to catch up?! Especially now, I only have one month until classes resume and I'm pretty sure I won't be here for a long time again and I won't be reading as frequent. I think we could call it book withdrawal.

    Who of you guys have experienced the same, that moment when you're not even halfway of a book and you just let it alone and start reading a new one? And then moving on to another and then another and then another until you already have a pile of unfinished unread books that's even taller than you? How do you guys fight this off? How do you recover from this book sickness? I need help, I need your own experiences on how you deal with this and how you should deal with it, if you haven't experienced it yet. I need to get this book withdrawal out of my system as soon as possible. So please I'd appreciate it so much if you can help.

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