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Series Review Saturday #2

A Series Review
The Sweet Series
Titles: Sweet Evil, Sweet Peril, Sweet Reckoning
Author: Wendy Higgins
Release date of last book: April 29, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen

Beloved YA author Wendy Higgins delivers the explosive conclusion to the Sweet Evil trilogy. In this dramatic finale to the epic love story between Anna Whitt and Kaidan Rowe, the time has come for Anna, daughter of a guardian angel and a fallen one, to accept her fate as the chosen one. She is destined to rid the earth of demons once and for all. But as Anna and her Nephilim allies prepare for the evil brewing, the powerful Dukes use Anna's love for bad boy Kaidan Rowe against her, and her strength is put to the ultimate test. How far will the two of them go to keep each other alive? Will love conquer all in the final battle between good and evil?” - HarperTeen

First Sentence (First book): I tugged the jean skirt down and tried not to fidget with the straps of my tanks top as we stood in line for the show.
First Sentence (Last book): The moment I left L.A., a fire began kindling inside me—a satisfying burn of purpose and drive unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

My thoughts:

I don't actually remember how I came across this series but I'm glad I did, anyway. Perhaps on twitter. First thing that I love about these books are that they are light reads and medium-paced. We can rarely find books like these. A lot are slow-paced and too fast-paced but the Sweet Series is just right. Easily understood, not too many metaphors and drama and out of the world vocab but just enough to find the things readers are looking for in a certain book, like romance, love, adventure, pain and friendship. This series has the perfect concotion of all those.

And rarely too do we find YA protagonist or lead characters that are kind, nice and has a very good heart. My friend told me once that someone isn't into Sweet Evil because the lead girl (Anna Whitt) is so kind that she cannot stomach it and cannot believe that she can be really into this level of good, she said it's too unrealistic. But she's wrong and she doesn't understand because she hasn't read until the last page. Ana is the perfect role model of girls. She is sweet, kind, nice, and good. If the memory serves me right, in Sweet Peril she saw an old beggar woman in the street and she gave all her money to her to the last cent, she may have also given her coat also even if it's snowing and freezing cold. She's the kind of girl that doesn't party, that doesn't rebel against her mom. She isn't the one who can plant hate in her heart. She has the best character of all fictional girls I've ever read about and because of that I'll remember her forever. But as we go on with the books we can see how Anna has changed outwardly but her heart is left untouched by corruption and has stayed to be pure. She is beautiful as any blonde girls in YA literature but her character will make you adore her even more and her faith to God, everyone that loves her and herself is unwavering is very inspiring. She may be on a constant struggle and on a certain battle with herself as she is a half demon-half angel but she handles it well. She actually is on top of my kindest YA heroines.

As every book has their hot, swoon-worthy, beyond gorgeous male leads, Kaidan Rowe is not just your typical type. He's hott. Yes, H-O-T-T, with the hot extra T on hot. Actually Kai is some kind of a prince of lust. Yes, lust. So don't even wonder how many girls he's been with. He may not be the most perfect guy when it comes to his character but soon later in the series he had learned how to redeem himself. Everything about him is to die for, that perfect face, British accent and skills-drummer and composer skills to be specific. But the best thing you can adore about him is his loyalty and love to Anna amidst the struggle of his real nature.

Romance between two very different people is hard to write about but Wendy Higgins pulled it off so well. Not like the others that confuses you like you don't even know what's happening to the world. Kai is all the opposite to Anna, if Anna is that close to being a saint, Kai is the very opposite. Their love is like being against the world but they worked it out. And you'll love them both for fighting and continue struggling for their love and other else they are fighting for.

A book wouldn't be as good if there are no good supporting characters and this series won't fail you. There's Blake, a half-Filipino guy! Yes, Filipino, you don't even know how much I'm proud of him (just because I'm Filipino also lol). He's my boy. I just love him so much, you will too and oh he'll make you jealous. And there are my super twins! Gin and Marna, perfect Brit girls which makes them perfect girl friends. (All the boys must have been drooling over them.) Kope, dimple guy, cute and trustworthy, plus Zinia a shy sweet girl. And then also there's Jay and Veronica, sweet human friends, they can't be left out, in every fantasy book pure humans shouldn't be left out that's a must.

I know you've read a lot of YA books about Nephilims, I know, trust me but this book is an exceptional one. It'll teach you a lot of things about having a pure heart and fighting for everyone's sake even for the one's who wronged you. As Wendy wrote, “Love is the element worth existing for.” I'll rephrase that “Books are the only things worth existing for.” And the Sweet Series is one of them.

Favorite book in the Series: Sweet Reckoning

3 Books. 3 Sentences. 3 Words.
Sigh with Kai. Ache for Blake. Hope for Kope.
Read it now!

Rate: 5.01/5 stars

PS: Love you so much Wade Poezyn ans Wendy Higgins!!


  1. Another book added in my to read list... ._.

  2. Wow. Great review :) *Book added to the reading list*

  3. It's always noce when the last book of the series lives up to the potential of the idea within the first! ;]

  4. I can't wait to read this series, I have heard so many great comments about it but haven't got around to reading it yet!! :)

  5. I have had this series on my TBR list for awhile but I wanted to own all of the ebooks then sit and read the whole series at one time, since you gave it such a high rating it just got moved up in my list, thanks for the great review.

  6. I loved this series. Kai was just too good. Can't wait till sweet temptation!


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