Sunday, May 11, 2014

101 things I love

101 Things I Love

I only love some things in life and I don't really get attached to a lot of things. I'm in doubt if I even have like 10 things on my list so this is a challenge for me to write. Once you'll read this list you'll get a glimpse of the sentimental me and perhaps if you want me to love you. You'll have a slight idea on what to do. (wink wink)
  1. God (Well I believe in that saying where in everything God comes first)
  2. Jesus (Jesus is love, without him perhaps I will not have this list.)
  3. The Bible
  4. Memorizing scriptures
  5. Going to church
  6. Praying
  7. -Young Adult- Books (Who doesn't?)
  8. Advance Readers Copies
  9. Graphic Novels
  10. Reading
  11. Blogging
  12. Writing
  13. Bookshelves/Book Nooks
  14. Bookstore
  15. Family? (lol sometimes I doubt this)
  16. Siblings
  17. Cousins
  18. Babies (I adore babies—those soft cuddly chubby cute ones)
  19. Kissing babies (weird habit, I know)
  20. Baby Scent (I like their smell idk why)
  21. Libraries
  22. Twitter (and tweeting If I'm not tweeting, perhaps I'm lost or sick or dead yep)
  23. Internet/Surfing (in general bc you can literally find everything in there)
  24. Phone (so handy this)
  25. Computer (how can I not, without it I cannot write, I cannot surf, I cannot blog)
  26. Blog (I've been emotionally attached to it already)
  27. Fictional Guys (wink wink)
  28. Classical Music
  29. Theater
  30. British Singers (Ed Sheeran, Birdy, Gabrielle Aplin, Jasmine Thompson)
  31. Meteors (Althrough out my 18 years of existence I think I've seen at most 50 meteors)
  32. Meteor showers
  33. Stars/Constellations (how many hours do I spent looking at them everynight)
  34. Comets (I think I saw one, just last year December 13 or 14)
  35. Clouds (So childish lol)
  36. Rain (just the soft drizzle)
  37. Fluffy pillows
  38. Fan/Aircon (I can't live without this jk)
  39. Long showers
  40. Swimming (even if I don't know how too lol)
  41. Beach
  42. Cold breeze (especially in december and sea breeze)
  43. Cold Water (I drink cold water like a drunkard drinks wine)
  44. Milk shakes (Fave flavor: Rocky Road)
  45. Ice Cream (I'm not picky on this any flavor would do)
  46. Cakes (I'd eat anything with the word “cake”)
  47. Cupcakes (since I was a kid)
  48. White Chocolates (I dunno why I don't like the brown colored one)
  49. Grilled food (BBQ, anything that's on a stick)
  50. Honey (sometimes I mix it on my water just because I want to)
  51. Red fruits (stawberry, watermelon, cherry, lychee, even rambutan)
  52. Vegies (Carrots? Yeah well I don't have choice but to eat them right?)
  53. Food (I'm not so picky as long as it can be eaten I'm good)
  54. Afritada (I have a special love for it)
  55. Sea weeds? (I don't even know why I like them)
  56. Shrimp (The biggest ones are just yum)
  57. Bacon
  58. Cheese
  59. Long naps (short naps, whatever as long as it's sleep)
  60. Albino Animals (fun fact: I've looked up all kinds of albino animals on the net)
  61. White (syberian, nigerian, whatever) tiger
  62. Puppies (I stop liking them as soon as they can't be called puppy any longer)
  63. Kittens (same as puppies)
  64. Dragons (if dragons we're real I'd like to have one)
  65. Stallions (a pure white stallion)
  66. Fireflies
  67. Dolphins
  68. Bioluminescent planktons
  69. Origamis (paper foldings whatever)
  70. Love letters (I adore love letters, whoever you are my mr. fictional character write me okay)
  71. Drawings
  72. Animes (since I was a kid)
  73. Violins (I may not know how to play it but I love those people who can play it)
  74. Accordion (the ones who play it)
  75. Saxophone (the ones who play it)
  76. Online Shopping
  77. Book Shopping
  78. Deliveries (I like deliveries so much bc it means mail and orders have arrived ;D)
  79. Walking (I can walk miles tbh)
  80. Cuddling (I've never cuddled with anyone I just love the thought okay)
  81. Kissing (haven't been kissed, haven't been touched but who doesn't love kissing right?)
  82. Biking
  83. Royalties (all that has to do with kings and queens and princes)
  84. Palaces/Mansions
  85. Yatch (hashtag bucket list: have one of my own)
  86. Fandom Merchs
  87. Fandom Shirts
  88. Fangirling (eep I love to do this)
  89. Post cards
  90. Travelling (Island hopping, town driving etc)
  91. Fishing (It's been so many years since I've fished. I was still a kid back then , someday I want to do it again.)
  92. Cooking (even if I dunno how to I still love it, do I make sense tho? lol)
  93. Guy Models (Niclas Gillis, Wade Poezyn, Anthony Neely, Francisco Lachowski etc)
  94. Movie Marathon by myself (classics, marvel/DC comics, book adaptations, Disney)
  95. Rom Com flicks
  96. Shakespeare
  97. YA Authors
  98. Sweet, kind and humble people 
  99. Board games
  100. Getting replies (tweets) from authors and models
  101. and Accounting (I know I just had to include this, even if my brain says otherwise hahaha)


  1. I love deliveries as well. It means my goodies have arrived! I also love board games too!

  2. Great list! Cupcakes are the best and it's always nice to get a delivery, especially one that you're excited about. Have a great week, here's my post - Sharon's Book Nook

  3. Great list. :) I love online shopping also.


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