Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bucket List

Bucket List

I have like a thousand unspoken and unwritten things on my bucket list. Since I have a blog now I feel like I needed to at least write some and tell it to the world. If you believe in something and you have the burning desire and will about it, even the universe-the cosmos will pave a way for those to happen sooner or later. 

This list is in no particular order:
  • Be a Certified Public Accountant
  • Get a degree in law
  • Get a degree in Architecture
  • Get a job abroad
  • Put up a gorgeous book nook
  • Publish a YA book (we've wrote a book already okay so i'll I need is to be published)
  • Put up a bookstore (a bookstore which only sales books and book merch and movie merch and a lot of book signings)
  • Sponsor my younger siblings' schooling
  • Buy my own house (or design my own house)
  • Buy a safe house
  • Buy my parents a more comfortable house while they're growing old (or just perhaps fix or renovate the old one)
  • Buy an island (Philippines or abroad)
  • Buy a car (of course first I need to learn how to drive)
  • Travel around the world (Throw a dart in a map and travel where it lands)
  • Meet Niclas Gillis
  • Fall in love seven times with just one person
  • Make snow angels
  • Visit the city of love (Paris with him—whoever he is, whoever he'll be)
  • Visit The Holy City-Jerusalem and put a note in the wailing wall
  • Visit the underground catacombs in Rome
  • Go to all Disney lands, Go to all Enchanted Kingdoms
  • Get married a hundred times with just one person (just in different places and different baptist churches)
  • Have kids? (I don't want to think about this I'm not sure I want it but why ever not? Just 1 or 2 tho. 1 boy and 1 girl, nothing more nothing less.)
  • Settle down in one place
  • Own a huge salt water aquarium (phew it's expensive) or a wall aquarium.
  • Have a rooftop greenhouse
  • Buy a yacht (or at least ride one)
  • Own a bank
  • Invest in SMDC Corp/Any Corp Abroad
  • Ride a hot air balloon
  • Fly a plane/copter
  • Drive a yacht
  • Go to a Ship Cruise
  • Meet all the authors (all of whose books I've read and lol if they would still be alive)
  • Buy only hardcovers of books
  • Own a pet white tiger
  • Own the latest computer/phone (gadget whatever)
  • Go to BEA
  • Go to Comic Con
  • Go to all YA Bookfest
  • Be in two places at once
  • Learn to speak Swedish and learn British (of course with the accent)
  • Learn all types of Martial Arts
  • Read all the books in my TBR list
  • Buy my kids all the books they want
  • Buy my kids concert tickets
  • Teach my daughter how to be a blogger
  • Teach my kids how to be booknerds/
  • Save someone's Life
This isn't final yet, perhaps I'll add more soon. :)

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