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ARC Review: Sleep No More

A Stand-Alone Review
Title: Sleep No More
Author: Aprilynne Pike
Release Date: May 14 , 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Source: HarperCollins (ARC)

I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. No compensation of any kind have been received for this review and all of the opinions in this review are solely my own.

Oracles see the future. But they are never supposed to interfere. Charlotte learned that the hard way. If she hadn't tried to change one of her childhood visions, her mother wouldn't be in a wheelchair—and her father would still be alive.

Since that fateful accident, Charlotte has tried to suppress her visions. But when she receives a premonition of a classmate's murder, she knows she can no longer sit idly by.

Then she meets Smith, a man who not only knows Charlotte's secret but who also claims to have a way for her to manipulate her visions to change the future. But doing this means Charlotte must put herself in the path of the murderer.

First sentence: I sit on the itchy couch and stare at Mommy's eyes, wishing for them to open.

My thoughts:
Okay, so it's my first time to receive Advance Review Copies and I just want to thank HarperCollins again for their generous hearts in providing this book. I just cannot thank them enough. This is my second official ARC Review so allow me to start again and try. I'll get better in this, I promise that.

At first, I really didn't know that this book is somewhat paranormal, suspense, thriller type.
I only realized it when I was almost halfway of the book. This book says that “Lisa McMann's wake trilogy meets the blockbuster film Inception”. I didn't really know what to make of this book since I haven't read the wake trilogy or watched Inception yet (since I'm not really a big fan of suspense and horror movies, so I had no idea.

This book is about seeing the future and what it's like to be an oracle. We've read through history that oracles were once real. Back in those grecian and roman times, Oracles used to help heroes in their quests by giving them an idea or glimpses of the future. This book now tells us how and what oracles do if they still exist these days. First thing I asked myself when I learned that Charlotte can do is “If I we're in her place would I want to see the future?” I said I'll answer this when I finish reading this book.

Forget the past. Change the Present. Fight the Future. A dark, exhilarating, blood-pumping read which will put you at the edge of your seats and will plant a lot of questions in your minds. This is what this book will do. Like what would you do if you really have premonitions or visions that does really happen? What if you see a bad premonition, would you dare to right it? Would you dare to go against fate against nature to change the future? Would you dare to trip the balance for the sake of making things right and face the consequences of it? Charlotte will help you answer this questions. It maybe a little disturbing for other people, this story but it will open your mind more to violence, revenge, trust and the truth.

Charlotte is someone who you would call a hero, in times of horror. She was brave enough to discover by herself her abilities and her responsibilities by her own though it led to danger and safety as well. She was reckless and to trustful which made her weak but she made herself strong enough to face the mistakes that had lead to other people's deaths and right everything. The past might not be changed but she knows she can do something about the future and does a huge leap of faith to do what she thinks is right. She may fight what she is, but finally she will understand that she cannot fight her nature and continue living her life.

Heartbreaking as it is, You will like this book because it will make you question all the characters's motives and guess who's involved in the evil ploys. I wasn't smart enough to figure out who really was the killer here. I wasn't shocked but I wasn't expecting it either. It was like I've always known who the killer is on my mind all along but I just refused to believe it. This book made “Trust No One” the understatement of the millenia. If you have trust issues I suggest you read this book, pun intended.

I may not love paranormal books but this made me finish it, even a little later than I expect but I've read it until the last page, didn't I? A page-turner, a remarkable book for those who are seeking for thrill and suspense. If you loved The Lovely Bones or Mara Dyer, you would want to read this. You would want to go to the bookstore now and grab a copy if you love paranormal books. You must read this if you are a Newtown survivor, this book is dedicated to you.

Rate: 4/5 stars

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