Tuesday, May 13, 2014

101 Things I Hate

101 Things I hate

Here's the list of 101 things you don't want to do when I'm around and things you don't want to show me. 
  1. People who doesn't read books
  2. People who say they'd rather watch the movie than read the book
  3. Noisy/Talkative people (learn to keep your hole shut when you're in front of me)
  4. Disturbing me when I'm reading
  5. Talking to me when my earphones are on (like duh as if I can hear you)
  6. Disturbing me when I'm studying
  7. People who doesn't know how to knock
  8. People who just get things without permission
  9. People who grab things randomly
  10. Losing anything
  11. Misplacing phone (playing constant hide-and-seek with my phone)
  12. Distracting me when I'm watching
  13. Waking me up just to command me something
  14. Taking orders
  15. Forcing me to eat what I don't want to eat
  16. Washing the dishes (you can't force me to do this, you have to kill me first)
  17. Washing clothes
  18. Household chores
  19. Toothache
  20. Dysmennorhea
  21. Getting sick
  22. Cramps
  23. Pimples
  24. Vomiting (I hate the feeling I get before puking)
  25. School
  26. Teachers (favoritism)
  27. Math
  28. Peasants
  29. Reptiles (yuck to all slimy things)
  30. Snakes
  31. Toads
  32. Coffee
  33. Noodles (too much noodles can cause cancer)
  34. Soft drinks
  35. Junk foods
  36. Hot weather
  37. Flat tires
  38. Loud kids
  39. Know-it-all people
  40. Smart people (like how even do you have that brain of yours huh)
  41. Boastful people (you can't boast to me about anything but books)
  42. People's Pride
  43. Smelly people
  44. Waking up during school days
  45. Heavy Rains/Typhoons
  46. Seeing people in pain (it's like I literally feel their pain okay)
  47. Half seat on jeepneys
  48. People who just can't understand
  49. Rock music
  50. Pre-tests
  51. Accounting Exams
  52. Flying Cockroaches (runs away)
  53. Rats
  54. Snob people (especially in social media)
  55. Hyperactive people (me be like “are you high pls stop being high” everytime)
  56. Mustard
  57. Liver spread (makes me want to barf)
  58. Beards (like please why don't you shave)
  59. Hairy people
  60. Backstabbing
  61. Gossiping about people (ask everyone and you'll know I never talk about people)
  62. Classrooms without fans (or working fans/aircon)
  63. People who care too much about other people's lives
  64. Crowds (oh how I hate crowds!)
  65. Hospitals (uhm I just don't like the air in hospitals, it makes me sick)
  66. Getting off a bus (how do you get off on a moving vehicle though uhhh)
  67. Pure Comedy movies (those that doesn't have sense to watch 'scary movie' etc)
  68. Horror Movies (I hate these! As if you can get something in watching it rather than scaring yourself and getting grossed out)
  69. Horror flicks on TV (can you not)
  70. Local drama shows (pathetic)
  71. Local celebrities (like duh who do you think you are? even celebrities abroad tweets to me, how do you think so highly of yourselves?)
  72. People with piercings
  73. People with tattoos
  74. Ants
  75. Mosquitoes
  76. Public Restrooms
  77. Mannerisms
  78. Jerks
  79. Slow Internet Connection
  80. Books with spine creases
  81. Books with folded pages/covers
  82. Books with highlights
  83. Damaged books
  84. Abstract painting (I just can't figure out how people like those)
  85. Wattpad
  86. Local books (the taglish ones)
  87. Fanboys
  88. Slow computers
  89. Texting (perhaps I'm the only one who hates this but why text when you can call right)
  90. Lucky people (especially those who always win giveaways, the universe is unfair)
  91. Group projects (we all know that the leader only makes this)
  92. Not having the time to read books
  93. Time management (I so suck at this)
  94. Yawning everytime
  95. Going to parties/occasions
  96. Family Reunions (everytime I attend, I feel like there's something bad that will happen)
  97. Headache (everytime I wake up, and pretty much everytime)
  98. Dirty rooms
  99. Uncareful people (the one's who ruin everything)
  100. Lights (they kind of blind me sometimes)
  101. Phones with low battery life 

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  1. I don't hate people who don't read books, but I do hate people who scoffs at readers or people who HATE books. Nice post :-)


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