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Series Review Saturday

A Series Review
The Syrena Legacy
Titles: Of Poseidon, Of Triton, Of Neptune
(Legacy Lost, The Stranger, Girls Day Out, Human Date)
Author: Anna Banks
Release date of last book: May 13, 2014
Publisher: Macmillan

Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. It’s while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen’s not fully convinced that Emma’s the one he’s been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves that Emma and her Gift may be the only thing that can save his kingdom. He needs her help—no matter what the risk. - Macmillan

First Sentence (First book): I smack into him as if shoved from behind.
First Sentence (Last book): I dig my bare feet into the sand, getting just close enough to the water for the mid-morning waves to tickle my toes.

My thoughts:

It has been so long since I posted my first review of Of Poseidon and Of Triton. I came to know of these series in twitter (like as always) and said let me try this and I wasn't disappointed. I don't about those who have read these books but I swear I love them so much. I've always been a fan of Little Mermaid (hashtag no shame)-so it fascinates me to read something about half-human, half-fish beings of the ocean called Syrena.

“Syrena, not mermaid.”-Galen Forza

The Syrena Legacy or Syrena series is a very nice read that's just light and can make you smile everytime. When you read this you won't help but just enjoy every single page, those hilarious jokes and sweet, swoon-worthy moments. The overall writing style is nice. The story is fast-paced that you can never stop to turn the pages until eventually (you didn't even know) you have finished the book already. There won't ever be a part of it where you'll get bored, I promise. I don't think I've ever laughed out loud from a series this much before. The characters are so jovial and alive, they we're all just like playful teens.

You'll fall in love with Emma McIntosh from the first page of Of Poseidon. She's witty, funny, and a natural beauty. I mean with all the violet eyes and blond glory who wouldn't? Every reaction she had was like I would've reacted that way in situations like that. The fact that she often got shy and her temper was one of the things I adored most about her. (She's like me except for the funny part, that's why)

And then...there's Galen. Galen Forza, full syrena, triton royal, 6 pack-abs. (drools) He has this aura of strength and loyalty and sexiness, that all girls can fell for. You would instantly know like a reflex that him and Emma are perfect for each other. Also there's Toraf, a cute little funk syrena so hilarious he could make you pee laughing. Swoon-worthy and drool-worthy guys you say? Read this! They'll know how to make your hearts all melty.

Once you read this I swear there would be no way to put it down after you picked it up. You'll get everything from the first book to the last, laughter, hotness, cuteness, and heartbreak. It's not just light and fun all books ought to have so painful moments. But seriously, what is better than a book that triggers a full range of emotion? Nothing!

In the last book of the installment the story plot has improved a lot. There's a lot to of action, a lot of cause to fight, to have a sense of something more complicated. If on the earlier books it was focused on the character development, now is the time for the story developments, you will meet here new characters, new villains and a whole new lot of spice in the last book. If you think Emma is an outcast and have no hope to fit in, well.. you should read the last book.

Somehow Anna managed to fit in all the characters to have a vital role and she did it well though I missed a lot of Toraf and Rayna's (Galen's sister) cuteness and hilariousness. They we're on the last few chapters but at least they're there. Emma seems to have became a bit serious in her life and that now she acts very grown-up and serious. I missed her funny comments and comebacks. Emma and Galen had fully accepted and finally understood what they truly are and what their role in their kingdoms is. You know that moment when everything in your mind is like a mental puzzle and everything clicks into place. It felt like it when I finished reading Of Neptune.

You know the best thing about reading is when you have not only a book but a series that literally blew you away! Of Poseidon to Of Neptune are such beautiful books that everybody needs (emphasis on the needs) to read. And just look at the gorgeous covers, why wouldn't you want to have them sitting on your shelves? But these books have not just incredible covers, oh no! This series is a mind-freakin-blowing wonderment. Why should you read this series? Well see it for yourself. Don't talk to me yet unless you have added them on your TBR list or read all of the books. Hope I make myself clear with that.

“Are you going to be lost too without Emma and Galen, Toraf and Rayna?” - Anna

Kind of bittersweet to say, but most definitely yes.

Favorite book in the Series: Of Triton

3 Books. 3 Phrases. 3 Words.
Galen and Emma. Toraf and Rayna. Syrenas, Not mermaids.

Rate: 5/5 stars

PS: Thanks Anna for all those fantabulous Of Poseidon swag. You're the most gorgeous and generous! I can't wait for Joyride!

Add Of Poseidon, Of Triton and Of Neptune on your to read here.

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