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Stand Alone Review: City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6)

A Stand-Alone Review
Title: City of Heavenly Fire
Author: Cassandra Clare
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

I am coming.
Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world. As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced: Clary’s own brother. Nothing in the world can defeat him — must they journey to another world to find the chance? Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world changed in the sixth and last installment of the Mortal Instruments series.

First sentence: “On the day Emma Carstairs's parents we're killed, the weather was perfect.”

My thoughts:

Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this?! I really don't have any idea how to review this. I'm just emotions and feelings and tears and heart-break and happiness rolled into one single person. My head and my thoughts is a mess right now, stars that I can't fathom into constellations but still I am writing this.

“Erchomai. Veni. I am coming. I am come.” said CoHF. And now it has come and wrecked my life. And I don't know how to cope. And I don't know if I'm thinking straight. And I don't know what I'm writing in this review.

Who will survive? Well, I did, at least. I thought no one would survive. I thought all my ships would be blasted off to bits and pieces. Cassie said so. NO ONE IS SAFE. 6 characters will die. 2 weddings. That's all we knew before CoHF. I didn't have any theories and predictions on what might happen in the book because I don't want to make one. I never think of theories because I'm afraid they might be right and then there wouldn't be fun, so I don't.

Okay, let's get this over with. We all know that no one is safe because of Sebastian and his demon blood. He want's to wipe out the whole Shadowhunter race and make them his minions-err I mean his Endarkened Ones (whom he can control and bend to his own will) and no one can stop him but Jace and his heavenly fire. So that's basically where the plot revolved. Fighting Seb and fighting Seb and fighting Seb and his Endarkened for the peace of the Nephilim's race.

There are new characters, Jules and Emma and the other Blackthorns. They're young yet they are essential characters. So that we will be introduced and prepared to the new series, The Dark Artifices. The main characters though are always developing along the way. We still see Clary and her new runes. Jace is back to his old self, the sarcastic and hot Shadowhunter. Though for me he's lost his charm ever since City of Fallen Angels. I can't really see the Jace on City of Glass anymore. The one I fell in love with. Magnus and Alec were still stubborn and in denial of their feelings. Simon and Isabelle are--- (excuse me I'm speechless about Sizzy) They are the best couple and has the best conversations and the best chemistry and basically the best everything in this final installment.

But what I really loved the most in this book is about Bro Zachariah. How he was cured. How he helped in the war and how he was back to his old self. MY JEM. I loved everything Zachariah said all throughout the book. And I love that Jem and Tessa is also here. *wipes tears* I love all their little conversations and—well you get my point. I love them the most that it overshadows all the main TMI characters even. Honestly before you read this book and you haven't read The Infernal Devices, I suggest you read the other series first. Because if you read this before TID you'd be kind of lost either way.

I'm only sad about one thing. I hope I can say it without spoiling but I can't. I would have to spoil you if I mention so. (I'll put this on the spoilery review). No one should be beyond redemption, you know. *chokes sobs*

Finally after 5 books, Cassie found the story to end this beautiful series. And it's a very good ending. Well written and very satisfying. I can say that after City of Glass, City of Heavenly Fire is my next favorite book. There weren't a dull moment. After all the feels and everything we'll now be saying goodbye to TMI and saying hello to TDA. The conclusion is beautiful. I am happy and contented now. Thank you so much, Cassie. I cannot ask and say anything more.

Ave Atque Vale, TMI. Hail and Farewell.

Rate: 4.5/5 stars


Warning: If you haven't read or finished the book, please stop here. Spoilers ahead. You have been warned. Scroll on at your own risk.



Okay who we're your 6 deaths?????? (I'm just a little confused on this because other have different characters) Let me enumerate. I think they are:


Some says that Praetor Scott or Andrew Blackthorn should be on the list. I don't know, I'm not so sure. Can't wait for Cassie to confirm it though. BTW who are yours?

Okay, so can we just talk about Sizzy first. HUHUHUHU. Simon at the last chapters. So heartfreakinbreaking. WHY HIS MEMORIES? And at the epilogue, the name of their band is The Mortal Instruments *rocks self bc crying* Sobs at least Simon chooses to Ascend in te epilogue. *sighs a happy sigh*
Malec though. LOL I was getting sick of their denial when we all know they'd finally get back together because they love each other.

Remember Magnus's father?! For a moment there I THOUGHT MAGNUS WOULD DIE!!!! (I braced myself for what might have happen and I can't I nearly broke down) COHF: Okay, Magnus doesn't die..but wait there's more! I THOUGHT SIMON WOULD DIE TOO!!!! For the love of runes everywhere Cassie gave me a heart attack! But Jordan died. Lol I was expecting that one because I was spoiled (I hope the one who spoiled me is pissing blood right now.) And I expected that would be early too so I wasn't surprised. Other deaths are like, “Yeah, Okay” to me.

BUT HAHAHAHA. What is with Herondales and their sexy dirty scenes in caves? Why weren't they called Heroncaves rather? But still laughing at the foil in Chapter 20. Like wow Jace aren't you a boyscout! Lol. My initial reaction: WAIT..FOIL? WHAT IS A FOIL DOING IN A CAVE HOW COULD A FOIL BE THERE???????? I understand that before they go to war (whatever war it is) It really is a practice -lol not really a practice but some kind of need- to do it even in the early days because it kind of wakes up your blood, body and mind, I guess?? Love making in a cave at the midst of war? Only Cassie. (But I think this scene is not stong enough to be compared with the alley scene and the other sexy scenes in the past books) In here they just had to do it. Like there's no choice because it's the last book already.

I just feel sad for Jonathan. When Jonathan has his green eyes. I don't know, I may or may not have been crying. When he said he dreamed the same dream as Clary I--(wait excuse me there are tears) I mourn for Jonathan. If only he'd just been affacted of the Heavenly Fire as that in the previous book then maybe everyone could've still accepted him. When I was halfway of the book, I gave up on him. I didn't think he could still have been redeemed. But no one should be irredeemable right? Right? TEARS. I like Seb, because of Jonathan you know. I still loved Seb even if he's like that because deep deep deep inside he's still a normal guy. It would have been better If Cassie made a way on how to save Jonathan.

2 WEDDINGS. One is Jocelyn and Luke's and the other one is Jem and Tessa. (LOL THOSE WHO HAVEN'T READ TID, THEY THINK IT'S CLARY AND JACE'S DREAM WEDDING WHATEVER BUT NO) It's Jem and Tessa's! But crying only the UK and AU versions have the wedding comic strip of the book I am sobbing. I need that so bad! I hope it would be on the CP2 Manga, I hope :(((((
Can't help to think what happened after the wedding. Ooops. :D

So I think TMI ends here. Ave Atque Vale TMI. Hail and Farewell.


  1. I didn't read to much because I don't want to be spoiled, but great review. ;)

  2. I scrolled as fast as possible to get past the spoilery parts. Thanks for the warning! :) I stopped this series a few books back because the endings were hurting me. I reckon it is time to pick them back up again so that I can see the characters (well, minus 6 of them) through to the end. Thanks so much for your review. Glad that you enjoyed the series ender!

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